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  1. Same here - how does one renew membership ?
  2. Could you post the link where one could order the calendar ? Thank you !
  3. My 2019 Team Shelby Calendar will expire in 31 days ! I see 2019 calendars listed in the shelby store but no 2020’s. Does anybody know if there will be a 2020 calendar ? Stocking stuffer ... Thank you !
  4. Does anybody know if the Team Shelby Quilted Jackets are still available ? I no longer see them listed in the team shelby store. I’d like Santa to bring me one. Thank you !
  5. What an awesome time. Met Edsel Ford, Aaron Shelby, and Allen Grant. Best of all was being able to escort the 2020 GT500 up onto the block with other members of Team Shelby. Here’s a photo with some Team Shelby members behind the car. I’m the guy in the orange shirt and white hat.
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