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  1. thanks for the answers..Braden and I will be there in March....see you then Bill Calgary 2014 Ruby Red SS
  2. Any idea when the tickets are coming out for 2020 Vegas bash?
  3. Hi, I have the bobs oil catchers, definitely worth for the passenger side, not at all for the driver side. cant see how this can hurt, I get a small amount in passenger side can , ( teaspoon every 3000) saves it going into engine.... 2014 Supersnake 4l whipple Merry Christmas
  4. Hi Steve, thanks for all your hard work on putting the bash together, can’t be easy....this is the fourth year I have come down from Canada. We love the Shelby people and having a chance to stretch my cars legs in Vegas! so no top shelf booze at the Silverton? Lol thanks again.
  5. Steve I would love your phone number to call you back and share my experiences. Hopefully you will be around long enough to make positive changes. Hopefully run into you at the Shelby bash.... Regards ps I actually like beer more than Koolaide
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