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  1. Howdy Ya'll.. Wanted to introduce myself. Just traded a 2010 Stage 3 Roush for a 2013 GT500 w/ 3100 mi. Now the Roush fun and all but my goodness this 5.8L Shelby is just a whole other level of fun. Don't know much about the previous owner other than they lost this gem of a Shelby to their financial institution. Too bad. Not exactly sure how it was trimmed from the factory. Best I can tell, by the 5 spoke SVT wheels, this car does not have either the performance or track pack??? I have ordered the build list from "Ford Show Parts". The car was auctioned with undisclosed modifications, Now this scared all of the potential dealership buyers off. As a result it sold well below blue book. A buddy of mine took a chance and bought it. With 3100 mi how bad could the mods be? Too our sweet surprise the only mod was a VMP stage 4 kit, bonus. And get this all of the factory parts were in the trunk. The only thing that did not convey with the car was the SCT X4 tuner. A quick call over the the VMP guys and they fixed me right up. I look forward joining the group and will try to research the threads in an effort NOT to ask newbie type questions. Mods already in process Kooks Long Tube Headers Kooks o/r H pipe Kooks Cat back mufflers JLT Oil separator Goal, to build one bad mamba jamba of a Shelby
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