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  1. Signups are looking good so far with 19 spots already taken. I also updated the track day flyer with more information. One is for Instagram and the other is for Facebook or the forums. If you have an interest please share the flyer with friends and let me know what you all think.
  2. Sharing some information on our upcoming track day at Willow Springs International Raceway on 04/15/19. This is the Monday after Fabulous Fords Forever, and a great way to celebrate tax day with Signature Wheel, The Ford Performance Racing School, and Griggs Racing. Made a couple flyers for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. We have 19 of 60 spots filled so far, and hope to see the Shelby guys well represented again for our third event. Please share with your buddies.
  3. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the third Signature Wheel Track Day hosted in partnership with Motorsports Events Inc., Griggs Racing, and featuring the Ford Performance Racing School. The event will occur rain or shine April 15, 2019, from 0700-1800 hours at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. Scheduled to take place the Monday after Fabulous Fords Forever in order to bring a wonderful close to an already great weekend. What better way to spend Tax Day, than out on track with other enthusiasts? Building relationships with other great industry partners has provided the opportunity to come together and bring enthusiasts an amazing day of high-performance driving, comradery, and fun. The goal of all our events is to provide a cost effective and safe environment for all participants, and an opportunity for new drivers to get introduced to motorsports. As always, this event is open to enthusiasts of all levels and all vehicles types. For the safety of all participants, lower powered vehicles will be placed in the appropriate run groups. Course selection will be the Big Willow 2.5-mile track. We will be limited to 60 cars total and divided into 3 run groups of 20 participants. Should we have another overwhelming response, a fourth run group may be established. We are lucky that Photography will be handled again courtesy of the talented Robert Gluckman Photography. Spots will fill up quickly, as we anticipate another great turnout. Costs for the day are being finalized but will be in the $275 - $325 range. Driving clinics will be provided by Dan McKeever of the Ford Performance Racing School, Bruce Griggs of Griggs Racing, and instruction from other experienced drivers at the event. If you attended our prior events at Buttonwillow Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway Park in 2018 then you know how fun this will be. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take part in what will be one of the premier track events of the year. For information on how to sign up please follow the link below to Motorsports Events Incorporated https://www.grigg ing.com/event-april-2019/ . Spectators welcomed. You can also send an email with the required information to WillowSprings041519@gmail.com . To ensure balanced run groups please ensure you include the following information in the notes: Name: Phone #: Email: Vehicle Type: # of track days driven in: See you there!
  4. The Return of Grab R

    A bunch. There a lot of Shelby forums that some frequent, and others do not. If you have an issue with it please send me PM directly. Thank You,
  5. The Return of Grab R

    In the car world I have found that the only thing more interesting than the cars we drive, are the people behind the wheel. Today, I wanted to introduce you to my buddy Mitch Fotes and his 2017 Grabber Blue GT350R, otherwise known as GRAB R. Mitch is a tried and true octane addict living in the Pacific North West (PNW). He has been racing 2 wheel motorcycles since 1987, and holds an expert license with the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association. He is also currently a control rider and instructor for the Track Time Motorcycle Track Days. What Mitch will tell you is that just because you can drag a knee on a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you can power slide a car through an apex. The driving dynamics are totally different, and he has been enjoying learning the R. GRAB R was purchased in December 2017 with 3500 miles, and now has about 7000 smiles on the ticker. It is 1 of 2 Grabber Blue GT350R’s with the stripe delete, black roof, and electronics package delete produced in 2017. The previous owner of the car was able to order it trough a VIP allocation, so Mitch was able to get a lot of cool history with the car through its build process. You can find Mitch running GRAB R at the Ridge or other courses in the PNW. But keep an eye on the driver as his wife races the R and motorcycles as well. Make sure to stop and say hello next time you see them passing you before the apex. Here are his modifications to date, and some photos to enjoy. 2017 GT350R Grabber Blue stripe delete Electronics delete 7000 miles Suspension Maximum Motorsports camber plates ARP Rear wheel studs Caliperfexion caliper studs Wheels & Tires Signature Wheel Track Series SV502 w/anti-slip bead knurling Gloss Black 19x11 et50 square – 305/30/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2 Safety Competition Motorsports Roll Cage (Grabber Blue) Profi II ASM FE harness *Rolling photography credit to Robert Gluckman Photography *Static phtogpraphy credit to watermarked entities
  6. Well guys, the track day was a huge success. Lots of great cars, great people, and most importantly everyone went home safely. No crashes, no tows, and no ambulances. I just wanted to say thank you to all that attended, The Ford Performance Racing School, Thunderhill Raceway, Matt Visser, Robert Gluckman Photography, my brother Daley, and Jim Lunz for taking me out in his GT4! If you attended then post a photo.... or 10
  7. New Wheels Are Here

    The new Signature Wheel SV306S are here. Along with the new Signature Wheel GT350R Spec center cap I had designed. Let me know what you think about the wheels and the new center caps. These have both new style options shown, and will be available for customers ordering R spec wheels in the future. Hoping to have these installed on the R by the end of the day today.
  8. We are officially FULL! anyone interested in being on the stand by list send an email to the address listed in the main posting. Otherwise you are more than welcome to attend as a spectator.
  9. VERY excited to report that the track day only has 2 OPEN SPOTS LEFT! I am awaiting payment from a couple folks, but that should wrap it up. The playing field developed nicely over the last few days. You can expect to see a GT4 Mustang, Boss 302R, FR500S, GR40 Equipped New Edge, SVT Contour, and possibly another FP350S in attendance. Still accepting spots from vendors and spectators are welcome. Also updated the flyer, so PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!
  10. Down to just 15 spots left and the playing field is getting rather interesting. Lots of representation from the FoRS and FoST guys coming through, and even some Porsche!
  11. Its official - October 1, 2018 - Thunder Hill Raceway 3 mile courseDate: October 1, 2018 (Monday)Location: Thunder Hill Raceway (Willows, CA)Time: All Day Track Rental 0700-1700Car limit: 60 car Maximum ***FULL***Cost per driver: $275 (Everything included)Deposit per driver: $100 (Goes toward your track day cost)Cancel your vacation and postpone the wedding. We have officially set a date and are moving forward with taking deposits ASAP. I have confirmed with the Ford Performance Racing School that they will be bringing two cars to the event. The FPRS in house GT350R, and their FP350S. The school is brining both cars to do some testing for future 25 hour races at Thunder Hill. This will be your opportunity to chase an FP350S and track prepped GT350R on track. The GT350R will also be available for ride alongs throughout the day.I plan to have vendors, professional photography, videography, and some other fun items planned for the day. Rob Gluckman photography will be in attendance again to capture some amazing images, and put forward all the lessons learned from our last track day into this one. There will be custom shirts made again to commemorate the day, and some other items yet to be determined. Any vendors seeking to participate in the event please contact me ahead of time.The setup will be the same as our Buttonwillow track day with a focus on safety, fun, and meeting fellow Mustang enthusiasts. The day will be capped at 60 cars total, and I will look to have spots reserved for several benchmark cars from other brands. Do not sleep on the opportunity to attend this track day, as spots will fill up fast. The beginner group will be limited as Thunder Hill has some less forgiving areas, and it will require less instructors. Send me a PM of you are interested so we can start taking deposits and getting your spot reserved. Due to last minute cancellations and the issues they create the initial deposit will be $100, and final costs must be paid 30 days before the event.Lets have some fun guys!Send deposits to me via PayPal as a gift to ThunderHill1018@gmail.com with the following information:Full Name:Forum/Instagram Name:Phone #:Vehicle Type:Number of Track Days driven in:Participants 1) 50Deep - GT350R 2) Vudugt350 - GT350R 3) Ford Performance Racing School - GT350R / FP350S 4) 5.4 Dreams - GT500 5) Oxford5pointoh - S197 6) Dezertnut - S197 7) Kim J - S550 PP2 8) Apex Media - Terminator 9) Nordique14 - GT350 10) Snke662 - GT500 11) Mark H - GT350 12) Raiderjatt02 - GT350 13) Geepaw - GT350 14) Dark Horse GT - S550 15) Dtmaso - GT350R 16) Gab3573 - S550 17) Nickteckla - ZL1 18) Flyhalf - S550 19) Hegonee5.0 - S550 20) Marc M - Camaro SS 21) Mark B - GT350 22) SheedysGT350 - GT350 23) Farhad F - AC Cobra Replica 24) Jason S - GT350 25) Ghoust Racer - GT350 26) Michael B - GT500 27) Tai L - GT350 28) Stephen P - GT350R 29) Vincent L - S197 30) Christopher B - GT350 31) Robert C - BMW 328i 32) Jim J - GT350 33) Frank P - SN95 34) Patrick W - FoRS 35) Rodrick M - GT350R 36) Ryan N - Porsche 911 37) Rom M - FoRS 38) Calvin C - SVT Contour 39) Bryan F - FoRS 40) Justin R - FoST 41) Tyler C - FoRS 42) Vimal P -FoRS 43) Jarred C - FoST 44) Brad P -FoRS 45) Kevin P -Shelby GT500 46) Mark R- FoST 47) Andrew M - BMW 328i 48) Sean D - FoRS 49) Steven L - GR40 New Edge 50) Chris M - FoRS 51) Brian B - FR500S 52) Pete R - S197 GT 53) Chris A - GT350 54) Jim L - GT4 Mustang 55) Kimberly L - Boss 302R 56) Wes W - GT3350R Procharged 57) Ben O - CTSV 58) David K - Audi RS3 59) Ty S - GT350 60) Byron J - GT350 61) David S - Boss 302 62) Victor S - Mustang GT 63) Lacnce A - S197 Miller 64) Chad A - SN95 Bondurant 65) Adam H - GT350R 66) Matt S - Foxbody 67) Cindy Y - S197
  12. So Hard Not To Love This GT350R

    Appreciate it. Doesn't see the track as much as I would like, but its fun when she does. No timing equipment on this day, and I don't think I got any video either. I will rectify that at our next track day in October at Thunder Hill Thanks Bro!
  13. Been a little while since I was able to update some information about the car. Sold my current Signature Wheel SV701 setup as I plan to switch over to a 2 piece 20" Signature Wheel setup very soon. In any case, here are some photos I just edited from the last track day at Buttonwillow. Car has a complete carbon fiber exterior package from Carbon Composites by MAD. Photos taken by the mad man Robert Gluckman. So hard not to love this car....
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