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  1. Good conversation here. Check out my follow up review of the GT500 vs GT350R on track. https://autologicmagazine.com/2020/02/21/the-third-pedal-experiences-on-track-with-the-gt500-vs-gt350r/amp/
  2. Hey brother,

    Did not see a private message come through. Feel free to give me a call, text, or email.



  3. Congratulations on the car brother. These were pretty hard to find, but glad to see you scored one. Should you ever decide to have a set of wheels built for it I have some enticements for you. 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/qBHDLwf5bI6kFYRK2 Cheers!
  4. Hi love your car. I have a 2020 GT500 my question is did you paint the GT500 logo Insert  on the front bumper or is the a decal that fit into the logo insert . Also the front splitter Shelby letters. Paint or a decal that fits in the letters. I know there is a company that makes those for the GT 350 but those letters a just a bit smaller. Hope this makes sense. 
    thanks. Mike 

  5. Over the course of 3 years I have learned a lot. Spent a lot of time looking outward for direction, until I got comfortable enough to look within. Stopped trying to be better than everyone else, and just better than I was the day before. Listened to what people wanted, and more importantly what they disliked. Tons of fun, a lot of late nights, many phone calls with enthusiasts, a couple mistakes and would not trade any of it. It is the natural progression we all go through. What I present to you now is what I would call the maximum 21" fitment setup for the 2020 GT500. Showcased below are the Signature Wheel Flagship Series ONE in a 21x11 / 21x11.5, wrapped in a 315/30/21 and 325/30/21 Michelin Pilot 4S. This Flagship design is a multipiece design intended for low offset and wide body cars. Brake caliper size, suspension geometry, and fender position really dictate everything. Any two piece wheel requires a 21" to clear the brakes, as the wheel face bolting inside the outer barrel gives it a 20" inner diameter. I opted for this mesh design with a Silver face and Polished stepped lip in homage to some of the classic racing cars. This timeless pattern speaks differently to everyone. Fitment here is aggressive to allow for the most lip possible. Negative camber is dialed in the rear to allow for clearance, and only the slightest touch on hard bumps. The front has some slight rubbing of the front fender liners at full lock due to the 315 front tire. But have no fear, a 295/30/21 or 305/30/21 tire up front would clear just fine. Less aggressive rear offsets would require no camber adjustments, zero rubbing, but result in a smaller wheel lip. Each wheel tips the scales at 33lbs each front and rear. Amazingly this is equal to the overall weight of the OEM GT500 wheels that come in at 32/35 lbs. Performance loss is something we engineer to avoid. The goal here was to not only build the most aggressive setup, but also learn the limitations of the car. Many wheel concepts from the GT350 carry over, but testing fitments on my own car first on the street/track is the only real way to know. That knowledge is why it is very important who you choose to build your wheels. Experimenting on client cars is my last resort whenever possible, although I greatly appreciate those that want to be the first to try something new. Spending 5-6k of my own money to pilot a setup is invaluable data. I am glad to hear so often that clients appreciate that level of dedication, as these are no small sum of money. Enjoy the pics from Austin (IG: @summit.ss) and will have more for you soon.
  6. I was experiencing feelings of strong hate toward the natural finish on the electronic parking brake. Waking up in the middle of the night yelling. Decided to do something about it. Added a few small touches prepping the car for the next set of wheels. Threw on some JLT rock blockers as well. These little things are unsung heroes....
  7. This made me chuckle for sure lol
  8. It is pretty weird that there are zero wheel options. I’m just glad we get to spice things up a bit. Some more of his car in here https://photos.app.goo.gl/qBHDLwf5bI6kFYRK2
  9. The Roast is on. Get your plates ready 😁 https://youtu.be/vsAEByCp3P0
  10. Had the resonator delete installed by Trent Musser at Sonoma Raceway. Here is the end result when Compared against a stock GT500 that happened to be lurking in the neighborhood. Pretty painless install.
  11. After my 4 hours of fun at the GT500 Track tour I was planning to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, about the technical aspects of the GT500. After reading a few of the magazine reviews about the car I realized there are others with far more automotive experience that can accomplish that task better. The essential question we are all asking ourselves is will you sell you current Ford to obtain one? Having owned a GT350, GT350R, and Whippled Terminator I want to present to you my thoughts on the matter. These are my angles, and many things are left to consider. Please share your thoughts when you finish reading this, as it may help others. The GT500 is many things. One thing I can confidently say that it wont be, is a disappointment. There is a concert of systems working in harmony to make that car exquisite to drive. Anyone that currently owns a GT350 will have that same special feeling and shit eating grin when you get inside of it. On track the CFTP manages weight, body roll, turn in, grip, throttle application, shifts and everything else without you thinking about it. On the drag strip it makes launching a simple process without you thinking about it. Set a lap record without breaking a sweat then go enjoy a nice charcuterie board in between sessions.... Remember that thought until later... When you think about combat effectiveness, or picking the right tool for the job, the A7 from Tremec makes complete and total sense. With contenders like the Hellcat and ZL1 LE there would be too much margin for error with a manual if your ultimate goal is to demolish everything else currently on the street. Not only to demolish, but to give customers of all skill levels the ability to harness the power on tap no matter what performance situation they enter into. I spoke with a Tremec engineer at the event and quickly mentioned the epitome of manually shifting automatic transmissions, the Porsche PDK. It was made clear that much effort was put into benchmarking against that transmission, and making this one even better. They did it, although experience with the transmission on the street in traffic is an unknown. If anyone here has been in a high horsepower manual car you know with great power, comes great responsibility. Power management out of an apex or off the line is a constant battle, and often costs you time. I did not think the automatic transmission would be rewarding, but it definitely was. The Whippled Terminator I had was an absolute beast, but really took a skilled driver to extract the most from. The car was either roasting the tires or roasting the tires anytime I put that foot to the floor. I do not foresee that being the case here, and that is a benefit for everyone driving it. The A7 is not only a win for the car, but a win for all of us that want to see the GT500 on the top of the food chain. HOWEVER, there are many factors about performance car ownership that many never discuss. The ability to fit your kids and wife inside for a trip to cars and coffee. The point of diminishing returns with modifications. Dreading a trip because being caught in traffic will give your left knee atrophy. Tossing the keys to your wife so she can take the car to work and not be in fear of stalling out on the driveway into the office. New enthusiasts that would be too timid to push the car because a stick shift is intimidating. Enthusiasts with a little more mileage on their bodies and cant manage a stick shift anymore. This level of accessibility and versatility makes the GT500 a big win, but will also bring many more buyers into the pool. As I took the 600 mile drive back home from Vegas I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything in my GT350R. Several other vehicles pulled out cameras and the driver of a Dodge truck chased me down to get a closer look. Downshifts with a quick rev match to pass big rigs was satisfying at my core. The looks, rarity, and balance of the GT350R made me happy with the woman I married. Knowing that when GT500 production gets fully underway there will be plenty of them in production and at dealerships. Aside from the CFTP, exclusivity and ADM wont be the name of the game for long. My brief time in the GT500 was amazing. What stuck in my mind the most was my feeling of detachment while on track. That previous thought about exquisite management of all the systems, it also was what made me feel a little disconnected from the whole experience. Kind of like when your wife tells you to lay back and let her do all the work. Undoubtedly fun, but I still want to put in a little work.....sometimes. It’s my only criticism, but its not the GT500’s fault. My brain and testosterone filled need to feel like I am the one controlling the car is what holds me back. That will be the basic question you need to ask yourself before you make the move. Are you ready to fundamentally change your mind about what performance driving is like without a manual. Those that are ready will not be disappointed. Those that are not ready, still wont be disappointed, but you may want to keep 6 gears nearby for that occasional fix. This closing statement is not made to knock any other variant of Mustang on the road, or to seem elitist about the GT350R. It just happens to be the top dog Mustang at the moment. Anyone who has switched from the GT350 to the R knows the cars are different, and even modifications to a GT350 wont necessarily get you there without some financial investment. The limited production, factory aero, and magazine reviews make the R a car of obsession and desire. It’s performance is renowned and envied by other car enthusiasts across the board. If you have a GT350R because you enjoy analog driving input from a manual I do not think selling your current car for the GT500 is the best move. The 500 is amazing, but not such a different feeling than what you have. The control and linear power application built into the GT500 because of the A7 still makes it feel similar to what the GT350R does with the manual. Words do not quite describe the satisfaction of when you heel-toe downshift into the apex, but also wont be enough to wash away the feeling of getting passed by a GT500 right after you hit the straightaway. Getting a slightly used base GT500 to mod how you want would be my advice for R owners. Buying both would be ideal if you got it like that, or if you are mentally ready to let the third pedal go. If you have a GT350 or other built Mustang though......This GT500 is hella hella fast like VTEC duuu, and you probably wont beat it. Try to build your own and it will likely cost you more with little to be gained in resale. The GT500 is hungry, and equipped with a proper driver and sticky tire it will eat most cars at any event. I can almost guarantee if you best the GT500 in any arena with equal tire compound you probably beat the driver, and not the car. If you did beat the car, chances are you had to give up so much utility in every other arena that the GT500 still wins at being more versatile. Built or bought. Driver skill or the car. Perhaps none of it matters if you are winning. If you own any other variant of performance Mustang short of the R and have the financial ability to afford a GT500, I would be selling my baseball card collection, cancelling the built motor, selling all my spare parts, and calling MSRP dealerships until my fingers bled. First startup and WOT pull will leave you with no regrets.
  12. It is time to head home to hallowed ground. The next Signature Wheel / Ford Performance Racing School (FPRS) track day will be held at the Utah Motorsports Campus. For those that don't know, this is the home of FPRS. We will be hosting an open track event on the west track that is open to all. Many did not have the opportunity to attend the track attack in their GT350, and those that did have always wanted to go back out in their own cars. Not to mention the chance to get our Boss 302, Focus RS, S197, New Edge, Foxbody, Focus ST, and classic brethren out together as well. I hope we have representation from all of the Ford lineup together in one place. This event will require you to bring your own vehicle, as rentals from the school are not available. FPRS will be on hand to assist with instruction, driving some of their school vehicles, and helping to showcase what our vehicles are capable of. Due to the exclusive nature of the event, our limit is 60 cars total. We have received interest from enthusiasts from all over the country. If you have an interest in organizing group transports of vehicles, please include your address in your registration email. Please send me an email with your track experience and a photo of your vehicle to Terrance@Signaturewheel.com. Track day costs will need to be paid in full at time of registration. More information regarding logistics will be released shortly. See you all there soon!
  13. Signups are looking good so far with 19 spots already taken. I also updated the track day flyer with more information. One is for Instagram and the other is for Facebook or the forums. If you have an interest please share the flyer with friends and let me know what you all think.
  14. Sharing some information on our upcoming track day at Willow Springs International Raceway on 04/15/19. This is the Monday after Fabulous Fords Forever, and a great way to celebrate tax day with Signature Wheel, The Ford Performance Racing School, and Griggs Racing. Made a couple flyers for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. We have 19 of 60 spots filled so far, and hope to see the Shelby guys well represented again for our third event. Please share with your buddies.
  15. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the third Signature Wheel Track Day hosted in partnership with Motorsports Events Inc., Griggs Racing, and featuring the Ford Performance Racing School. The event will occur rain or shine April 15, 2019, from 0700-1800 hours at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. Scheduled to take place the Monday after Fabulous Fords Forever in order to bring a wonderful close to an already great weekend. What better way to spend Tax Day, than out on track with other enthusiasts? Building relationships with other great industry partners has provided the opportunity to come together and bring enthusiasts an amazing day of high-performance driving, comradery, and fun. The goal of all our events is to provide a cost effective and safe environment for all participants, and an opportunity for new drivers to get introduced to motorsports. As always, this event is open to enthusiasts of all levels and all vehicles types. For the safety of all participants, lower powered vehicles will be placed in the appropriate run groups. Course selection will be the Big Willow 2.5-mile track. We will be limited to 60 cars total and divided into 3 run groups of 20 participants. Should we have another overwhelming response, a fourth run group may be established. We are lucky that Photography will be handled again courtesy of the talented Robert Gluckman Photography. Spots will fill up quickly, as we anticipate another great turnout. Costs for the day are being finalized but will be in the $275 - $325 range. Driving clinics will be provided by Dan McKeever of the Ford Performance Racing School, Bruce Griggs of Griggs Racing, and instruction from other experienced drivers at the event. If you attended our prior events at Buttonwillow Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway Park in 2018 then you know how fun this will be. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take part in what will be one of the premier track events of the year. For information on how to sign up please follow the link below to Motorsports Events Incorporated https://www.grigg ing.com/event-april-2019/ . Spectators welcomed. You can also send an email with the required information to WillowSprings041519@gmail.com . To ensure balanced run groups please ensure you include the following information in the notes: Name: Phone #: Email: Vehicle Type: # of track days driven in: See you there!
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