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  1. I was watching American Muscle's stage 1 power package on youtube and you can see the throttle partially closes under WOT at around 4500 RPM's. Then with the tune, power stayed linear with no drop off. is this something Ford did on purpose (perhaps to avoid knock under WOT when engine engine sees IAT's at a certain number) or just a design flaw? After they tuned it, the problem seemed to be gone. Is this something that is fixed with a tune? Would love to hear more on this matter.
  2. So I was watching the American Muscle stage 1 power pack, and they pointed out how the throttle body partially closes on WOT, and you could see it on the dyno pull they did. Is this something that happens on all 13-14 GT500's? If so, I'm assuming they did this to avoid leaning out at the upper RPM's? So anyway, after they did their stage 1 tune, it seemed to fix it. Question is, if Ford did do this as a preventive to avoid detonation, would tuning that out be a risk? I'm looking to get into a 13-14 GT500 soon and just want to have a few questions cleared up before I get into one. Thanks in advance...
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