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  1. A friend asked me to restore his 67 GT350 for him. I have do a number of early Mustangs but this will be my first Shelby. When he brought the car in the shop I found it is a automatic with A/C car. First one I have seen. Is there someone I can send the VIN and SA numbers to who can tell us how many where built with Automatic and A/C?
  2. Does not sound like piston to me. Is it the same on smooth or rough road?
  3. Anyone know of a 2014 GT500 Convertible Diecast or model
  4. REGISTRATION IS OPEN! The 9th Annual Legacy Texas Bank Car Show is scheduled for Saturday June 9 from 9AM to 1PM. Space is limited and filling up fast. Please use the following link to register: https://www.legacytexas.com/campaign/shelbycarshow/car-show-information.html
  5. Been trying to renew but keep getting message that I already have a membership. I have a 2017 but not 2018. I joined in April. Do I have to wait until April of 2018 to renew? Sent a message in the contact us link but never got a reply.
  6. Same as everyone else. Tells me I already renewed which I have not.
  7. I wanted to let everyone know that after call Ford sync help line (wasted hour of my life) rebooting, deleting, clearing I was told take it in and have them reinstall the software which of course did not work. So last week AT&T pushed a software update to the phone (Samsung G6) and today just for kicks and when tried everything paired up and works.
  8. Ever since I installed SYNC 4.4 I cannot pair my phone. I have a 2014 GT500 with Nav using Samsung S6. I called the SYNC help line and after more than an hour of resetting and rebooting they gave up. Anyone else have this issue and figure it out?
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