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  1. Can anyone decode this for me. 9M318 03210936. I think the first number indicates the build year of 89. Not sure about the M and then of course 318 is the engine size. I have no clue about the last 8 numbers. Thanks Larry
  2. I have a 1989 Shelby Dakota with a little different twist to it and was wondering if anybody on this site may have originally owned this vehicle. The Shelby number is 840. Here's the twist, the decals are all the same as other Shelby Dakota's except on part of the doors, the bed and the tailgate. My truck is white with the gray decals but just about three quarters of the way down the doors heading to the bed the decals increase to a one inch decal with a quarter inch space and a four inch decal going back to the tail lights. The decal then shrinks down to two inches and runs under the taillights and then runs that same with at the bottom of the tailgate. The tailgate has no other stickers on it but does have the same plastic Shelby tag on the lower right side of the tailgate as the one on the front grill. It also has the original bed liner and has never had those portals behind the rear window connected to the bed. This vehicle is completely original. Sound familiar to anybody? Larry
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