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    Love Shelby Mustangs. At 55 years old I hope very soon to own one. Most like a Shelby GT. UPDATE! As of July 13, 2019 I am proud owner of Shelby GT-H 06H415.

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  1. First, how do you change the satellite station to a particular station. I can enter the number but what is pressed after you enter number? I'm all about keeping cars like these as original as possible. I do have Razors installed but I also have original wheels in my basement. With all that being said, what radio replacement recommendations does anyone have. My factory satellite doesn't work 25% of the time. Can be frustrating. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I registered. Hope I did correctly. More info on premium membership please. I'm in South Atlantic. Go to "store" and choose "Team Shelby Club Membership" then my region, "South Atlantic"? Thanks again. Ernie
  3. I'm a kid again! Absolutely can not believe how much I enjoy this car. Didn't have GT-H in my budget, but it worked out (plus the wife really pushed it's purchase). I've had it for about a month and was wondering if I need to register it on the Shelby Registry some how? Not sure what I need to do. Also, how many of the original 500 are still active? Wondering how many are in Virginia? Apparently I don't have access to the Shelby Registry forum, I'm guessing because I'm a new poster. Thanks and sorry for the questions.
  4. Just purchased my Shelby about 2 weeks ago. Fortunately the previous owner had most (not sure if all) the original documentation. Window sticker, Hertz, Shelby docs ect. . He also had a folder from Shelby American. Was this folder part of original docs or not? And, I've read where some owners have an extra dash plaque. Was this in the Shelby American packet or something they purchased separate? Sorry, new guy here and was wondering. And, I was wondering if I need to register in the Shelby registry? Anybody have any idea how many '06 GT-H's are still in service? Thanks. Ernie
  5. In the pics below, is there supposed to be a grill or is this space open? I've researched and it appears the '07 H's have a grill between the fog lights. The '06's I see vary, some do, some don't (pics included of examples of what I'm speaking of). If it was left open from factory, what are recommendations on installing a grill, or is one needed? I am also looking for a no-drill front license plate bracket. I've seen "craigs" and some others. Looking for opinions from those who have purchased some of these or any DIY ideas. And last, I see a multitude of comments on this subject. I'll phrase it like this, in the owners manual I see 87 octane listed, is this just for the GT or is the Shelby GT-H included? Just curious. I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. Love the car!! It will definitely be a driver.
  7. Finally an owner here after years searching for right Shelby at right price. My first Shelby, 06H415 now resides in Virginia. Picked it up yesterday in NC. Seller had all original documentation. My intentions were to install factory wheels but the Razors looked so nice in person. Seller gave me the original wheels. 25,450 miles. The 4 hr trip home was great. Very happy.
  8. Thanks for the replys. I was just curious.
  9. I appreciate all the comments. Not that its a big deal but I was just curious. I agree on the wheels. Factory are much better looking than those on a Shelby. It's not often I see Shelby's around here and when I do, it certainly catches my eye. Thanks again. Ernie Oh, a pic of under the hood might have been a stretch but a shot of the rear, thats a different story ......
  10. I was visiting a friend at the hospital the other day and upon driving into the parking lot a GT500 caught my eye (as they always do). Red convertible, white stripes. It was surprisingly parked right in the middle of a VERY crowded lot. As I walked by it, I took a quick look inside and was amazed it had an automatic transmission. Not sure what year it was, but have included a pic for ID. My question is, was automatic an option that year or was this converted or could it be a "tribute" (as they are sometimes called)? Were those wheels a factory option? For sure, it really could use detailing. Picture below, Just curious. Thanks. Ernie
  11. Hi Team Shelby. I am currently in market for an '07 SGT, preferably black. However, I was shocked today (actually a dvr of yest or Thurs show) at the price an '06 Shelby GTH went for, $17,500. They didn't give any details other that the production number ect. And did a quick scan of interior. I have a feeling there was some things they didn't mention, that would only be known if in person. Curious if anyone knew any details of that car? Also, what would the price range be for a '07 black or white Shelby GT? I would like mileage to be under 30,000 but not a deal killer. Also, my wife would prefer an automatic, but that again not a deal killer. I appreciate any feedback, esp on that Mecum auction. Thanks again. ERS Virginia
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