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  1. Unfortunately, Ford stated they could no longer provide me with the Window Sticker...uggh! However, my Shelby certificate is on its way as I type this!
  2. Thanks, Steve! Ordered it and also have my Shelby Certificate ordered as well.
  3. Thank you everybody...I'll look into these. Even if it costs me a little, worth having it for my paperwork. Thanks again!!!
  4. Hey Everybody, New SGT owner and I'm looking to get the Window Sticker for my car...does anybody know how to do this and if it's possible? I have the Shelby Window sticker...need the one from Ford. Really appreciate any help you could provide!
  5. Bought 3378 a few months back...IUP/Shaker 1000/5-Speed and 3800 miles.
  6. Just purchased my 2007 Shelby GT a few weeks ago...black, IUP, 5-speed, Shaker1000, 07SGT3378...3700 miles.
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