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  1. Thanks. With a few styling mods she'll look exactly as I want her. A few more suspension mods and the handling i like will be there too.
  2. I'm thinking about doing the TB, long tube headers and catted x pipe, and the VMP heat exchanger, then a retune and done. I mainly do spirited driving, street driving, and the occasional drag race.
  3. Hey guys. Picked up an 09 GT500 in Eleanor colors about a month ago. Only 7300 miles. Previous owner did the JLT CF big mouth intake, metco 2.6, steeda upper and lower control arms, flow master American thunder exhaust, and I'm guessing a tune even though I have no paperwork or knowledge of who did it. Anyways, hope to learn some things from all you guys. Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, I recently became the second owner of an 09 GT500. The previous owner had upgraded the car and I'm looking to find out who he used to do the tune. It's a vapor silver with ebony stripe. 7300 miles when he traded it in. Located in the Chicago suburbs. Anyone know a forum member with this description ?
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