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  1. I have seen this car in person ,It is fantastic! Love the color combo....
  2. I think you will be able to order the replacement stripes directly from Shelby in Vegas. I'm sure Steve will chime in on the contact info.
  3. "We're already looking forward to SATL-10 which is scheduled for Saturday June 22nd, 2019" per: SVT NAJA
  4. 2fords


  5. They actually had the nerve to give you your car back looking like that, and not say a word! I would so NOT ever, take any car back to that dealership, that is inexcusable!
  6. This pic is from a 2008 'vert with HID's
  7. I just realized I never responded to this thread! My wife and I had a GREAT time! This was the first "Shelby" event we had ever been to ,everyone was so nice and friendly! Made us feel like one of the group! We are already planning on attending SATL-10! Jim, Thanks again for a great event! Al & Cyndi
  8. Just got a reply from Shelby they will be putting them back on the website.
  9. It does not let me add it to the cart so I assumed they do not have them anymore. Ill make a call just to make sure tomorrow. Actually I just sent them an email.
  10. Anyone out there have a Shelby tire pressure gauge they want to sell by chance?
  11. Here's a link to a brand new set of GT500 mufflers for $339.00 shipped. I have purchased from them before and had no problems. http://www.buyfordracingfromdpm.com/2011-2014-mustang-gt-svt-muffler-kit-50-state/
  12. 2008 GT500 'vert, Oregon, full coverage less than 7500 miles a year, $695.00 year. State Farm.
  13. Yes , take a cab! You will be amazed! It is so much better now that Shelby moved to their new location,it is so much closer to everything. It used to be out by the racetrack it was quite a ways out! And yes , don't buy the store out! Have fun!
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