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  1. Hi everybody! Need your help to made a right choice! Ford Performance Handling Pack M-FR3-MSVTA or Eibach PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS KIT? Or your suggestion! Thank you in advance!
  2. Where I can search PRIVATE seller Supercharger? Thank
  3. Yes! After detonation, previous holder is do some service early, but I think he choice a cheapest way.
  4. Thanks evrybody for help and support... problem is find, look photos. BUT I NEED SMALL HELP, I NEED TO CHANGE LIQUID IN SUPERCHARGER, GIVE ME PLEASE TYPE AND Q'TY. THANK YOU
  5. Again with new spark plug..... same cylender...
  6. Hi! Today I find that in parking some idiot in his car do this, see pic. Tell me please what is the right part # for this strip...? Thank you in advance
  7. Please help what is pressure in cylenders?
  8. You know some magic is happen again... car is running... how it possibleno body know...
  9. Done! Only piston photos, valve is ok, but with some scratches
  10. It's not help Somethingis happen in cylender - spark is hited No, I wait a service... Sure, I try to find. I'm realy don't know what the f@c. is happen on this time, some people say it can happen becouse of part of piston after detonation is hit spark... In all cylender 10, in this #6 is go down in heated temp is 6... in cool is 7...
  11. I find... but why it happen I don't know Shelby Team Please help!
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