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  1. Great News!!!! Thanks for the reply. NO CAMARO guy here,...My blood runs blue!!!
  2. Is Shelby American falling on hard times??? I called Shelby American today and was informed that they have terminated their vice president of sales Gary Sheckner at the beginning of this month and also AJ Akos, vice president of design and operations/production, is no longer with the company as of last Monday (a week ago last Monday) No one is publicly talking about it at Shelby, no press releases on Team Shelby etc but if you call Shelby American they will not deny it. I am just wondering what's next for Shelby American because if you don't have Vice President of sales and you don't have a vice President of design and operations/production....... what do you have??? Any others out there have any info.? I posted this on the SAAC forum. No one seems to know any other info there so I thought maybe someone would know whats going on here on Team Shelby. Do I get a hint of Bankruptcy coming at Shelby American?
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