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  1. Super Snakes are massively cool in the flesh, the wheels, paint scheme, badges. It all comes together.
  2. Between "here we go again", "beat a dead horse", and "use the search", why have a forum at all. Some of you grouchy old goons need to take a poke of testosterone and get laid once in a while. At 60 years of age I can spot the miserable old man syndrome a mile away. Lighten up! Jeesh, mix it up a little. That's what these forums are for. Everyone has their own take on things. Its amazing how some you guys get your glass balls busted over this road racing stuff.
  3. Why would anyone need to "let you know how it turns out" when you already have it figured out. Just think of how much time and effort you could save these men by enlightening them with your brilliance in this arena. Lets call a spade a spade Pal. You don't want to see your precious road racer Mustang transformed into a beast with face flattening acceleration. You hope this does not happen, it is quite obvious and very, very weird. Tough crap Dude, the aftermarket will make it work and make it happen whether guys like you with the world according me mentality like it or not.
  4. There are tuners currently working on this very project. Quite interesting to see that you in all your infinite wisdom have the results figured out in advance of their efforts. MY, My, they should have spoken to a distinguished expert like you before they wasted their time.
  5. Interesting perspectives in this thread.
  6. Beautiful car Man, enjoy it and be safe.
  7. I really wanna see a repeat of the mess these garlic breathed grease ball car dealers created for themselves with the Terminators not so long ago. The jack wads around here were demanding 10 over then 5 over with blah, blah, blah, about them being rare, collectable, investments etc. Ford had to rescue these morons from themselves with significant rebates on top of invoice pricing and some even sold for less. I bought mine at a 20% discount from sticker while some fools had paid many thousands over the MSRP. One can only laugh out loud when tales of the GT500 sales are discussed and all the ADM nonsense that accompanied the '07s only to be followed by 0% financing on '07s and $3,000 rebates with invoice pricing on '08s. I bought an '08 GT500 for 38.5K brand new out of dealer stock. Don't be a sucker and never underestimate the stupidity of a car dealer, these monkeys are their own worst enemies.
  8. You would really think that a Super Snake would do better than that wouldn't you.
  9. Forget about that wad, he is always full of crap. The GT350 doesn't have enough low end balls to warrant AWD anyway.
  10. Be very careful with any purchasing advice you receive on internet forums. Current owners and enthusiasts of a certain breed tend to have inflated and in some cases irrational notions of what these cars are worth. A potential buyer can make a huge mistake if these mythical values are incorporated into ones frame of reference. Think in terms of the realities of the business world and not the emotional fantasy land of some current owners. A BMW dealer is going to be looking to flip this car in short order and would not be in it for more than 25K on a dump out or trade. Start your offer at that level and keep in mind that you can always go up. NEVER, EVER, as some here have advised, pay a dealer asking for a used car. They leave a very healthy buffer above what they hope to get the car. Offer 25K politely with the understanding that you are interested in the car but not at their initial asking price and make sure they have your contact #s. Do not allow yourself to be dragged into one of those god awful closing rooms or fall for any of the grease ball high pressure tactics that car dealers artfully employ. Your remaining negotiations with them should only be by phone where you have the advantage from that point on. Walk even if they counter with a price you like, you got em at that point and can only do better. Your phone will ring and likely before the end of the day.
  11. Once again, I have no intentions of testing the limits of one of these motors. I'm on the sidelines and enjoying the progress and efforts of the tuners who blaze the trails that many of us follow. Holy crap man 819HP on one of there first pulls after installing and tuning a 2.9 Whipple on a Voodoo. That is cool as hell guys and very impressive. Unfortunately there are a few butt heads here who blindly piss on the party. Yeah I know the GT350 isn't for straight line fun; BS, it is what it is and what others can do with it. There is nothing sacred or regal about this offering that would preclude it from making outstanding passes at a drag strip. Some of you need to get off your high and mighty, road racing, horses. You will see 9 second passes from this set up real soon boys.
  12. Actually there are very strong negative overtones here regarding what should or could be done with this new motor. I find it flatly amusing to observe some here who have it all figured out just as they did when the Coyote motors came on deck. Oh yes all the internet blow hole nay sayers had that one pegged too. The motor was too sophisticated, way too much compression, not enough meat at the ringlands, etc., for forced induction. They had it all nailed down in their minds and could not possibly have been more wrong. We are all aware of what has transpired in that arena. VVT and a host of other technologies make just about anything possible. Some of you experts may find yourselves eating your hats down that road once again.
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