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  1. So many conflicting stories. I know it never sets foot in Vegas unless that's where it's new home is going to be. But I've heard that Shelby did help with the design and Tuscany is build facility with body parts. Yes forums are good to try and get as much input and "facts" I use that loosely. But bottom line I'm no stranger to trucks I've had one good raptor and my 13 had issues. So I will be making up my own mind. 39Mustang what are these great new features you speak of? Don't get me wrong I love Raptors and one will be ordered the day the banks open up( if Shelby doesn't work out) but nothing looks too ground breaking other than the untested 10speed
  2. Looking forward to that test drive later this week.
  3. Thanks for all the input. I'm not looking for investment, I never do, but with that said the idea of paying 100k for a truck and then to have it valued at a Lariat price after I drive off the lot is dishearting if I wanted to trade it in a few years down the road. From the input here I don't think that will be the case. I think there are enough people out there that understand the value of having a "factory" built 700hp Shelby (built in house or subbed out) that it should maintain a decent resale if I ever decide to "upgrade" down the road. How do you go up from a Shelby 150 I have no idea but I love options.
  4. Hello all, brand new to the forum. Had a speculation questions so the sky's the limit on answers. I've owned two Raptors and loved them both (not sc) I'm currently without and was waiting on the 17's when my dealer informed me about the red 700+hp Shelby he had on the lot. I've finally got him to come off the 20K markup and things are looking good. But after a little research and sorting thru the haters I've come across this forum, a welcome sight. What I'm seeing is the Tuscany name has a negative stigma attached to it, and the consensus is that Shelby really did nothing but add licensing. After reading a bit in the site it seems as though they had a lot to do if not all and just use Tuscany as a build shop. With that said do you think this will be viewed as a "real" Shelby and hold its value? I loved the fact both my 13 and 14 raptors held value nicely. Will these 500 units stand the test of time? Waiting on dealers final offer but I'm 99.9% convinced I'm driving home in one next week when I get home from work just wanted to see what the experts think.
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