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  1. Highly recommend it Eddie. Shelby have been great to work with.
  2. Beautiful car! ...just need some more pics
  3. Great video! Thanks for doing that! Before I forget to pass this on for next year... A lady who seemed somewhat in charge at the children’s hospital spoke to us for a while and seemed to very genuinely appreciate what we did. She said the gifts were great and and always made the kids light up. She said it gives them a moment where things feel normal again. On the gift cards... definitely appreciated, but she couldn’t answer what they do with them. They don’t have an established process to buy gifts for the kids and made a comment about how busy they all are, sort of implying it would be hard for one of them to go use the gift cards and buy gifts. I’m sure the gift cards will get put to good use, but sounded like in the future unwrapped gifts are much easier for them to deal with. John
  4. Great seeing all of you today! Here are a couple pictures. John
  5. Hi Jim... was just trying to remember what guidance they gave us previously. I believe gifts should be unwrapped and gift cards that let them shop for what each kid wants we’re highly appreciated. Does that sound right? John
  6. That is really cool! Nice job Awesome to see one of these cars being pushed to the max. Also cool seeing Hank’s orange 2015 Shelby GT there as well.
  7. Hey Jim... I’m in. Just 1 person. Thanks as always for organizing this! -John
  8. Thanks Steve for the very informative response. Those subtle blue painted stripes really make the car look sinister. Agree that is a great deal waiting for someone.
  9. Found an interesting add for a 2017 Super Snake. What’s interesting about it: 1) No side stripes. There is a picture of the supplied stripes that go with the car. Leaves a nice clean look without. I didn’t realize you could ask for that. 2) CSM 17SS0546. I know the numbers were not sequentially given out, but trying to figure out how they got to 546 with their stated limit of 500 unless maybe they are sitting on a big block of low numbers to only give out for a premium? 3) Comes with older style hard wired gage pod in a box in case new owner wants to swap out for included Bluetooth gages. Anyone else considering doing this? I’m not a big fan of the Bluetooth gages taking so long to set every time I startup, having to unplug and replug the ODBII dongle periodically to get them to work again and flat out don’t trust the boost. Don’t get me wrong... I love, love, love mine. I drive the heck out of mine and just found it interesting. http://www.momentummotorcars.com/detail-2017-ford-mustang-shelby_super_snake-used-17638764.html
  10. Hey Gary, very cool. I probably have pictures of yours sitting next to mine at the airport. I still remember the huge grin on my face as that car downshifts in Sport mode approaching a light. I did finally convert to a Shelby. I debated over it way too long and was finally ready to go for it when they announced they were canceling the Shelby GT. Finally when they announced the lower price 2017 Super Snake I was ready and was one of the first in line. You can see pics if you check my profile and other posts. I’m in Los Gatos. If you are anywhere near and want to join up for a cruise some time, let me know. John
  11. Hey Nascarbilly... was a pleasure meeting you two as well!! Keep watching this Pacific Coast section of the Team Shelby site. Jim organizes some great events. Definitely try to come for the charity cruise and lunch in December. You’ll meet a ton of nice local Team Shelby members who were not at SAAC. Can’t wait to see your car some day. -John
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