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  1. That’s the 2020 list price. It has gone up over the last few years, but Shelby has made a lot of the previously optional upgrades standard now. http://www.shelby.com/Vehicles/Shelby-Super-Snake#628766-optional-features
  2. Hang in there! You are in our thoughts and prayers. When you feel up to it, I always find driving a beautiful red Shelby to be very therapeutic
  3. If anybody is looking for a 2015+ Super Snake, this Is the best of all 2015+ versions in my humble opinion. The black anodized grill, all the carbon fiber pieces, polished Whipple, nice rear deck badging...15SS0002 with low mileage. https://www.mecum.com/lots/AZ0320-405194/2015-ford-shelby-super-snake/ No connection to the car. Just sharing. Mecum in March
  4. Hey Jim... This is always one of my favorite events of the year. Sorry I can’t make it this time. My car will be off at Shelby getting a few tweaks that weekend. Maybe I’ll come say hi in Saratoga before you take off. John
  5. Happened to catch it before being pulled. $30k adm was the starting bid, reserve not met! They wanted more. Someone wanting an allocation real bad probably called the dealer and put his money on the table.
  6. Hi Gary (?) - I hope you are enjoying your 2017 SS as much as I love mine. Here is what I do in case it helps. Ford only supplied the inflator kit, which for anything other than a very slow leak is useless. Here is what I did... 1) In my trunk always: I bought a jack from a Ford dealer parts department. You can also find it on fordparts.com. I cut up a small piece of bicycle inner tube to put between the jack and the car so it never scratches up the pinch welds. You unfortunately might have to buy the whole spare wheel kit to get the jack. I keep a plastic tote in the trunk with the jack, a breaker bar, a small tire repair kit available at any auto parts store, a 13/16in socket for operating the jack, and a 19mm socket for the lug nuts. I don't have the hardened wheel studs, so you may need to check the size for your lug nuts. I also included a small ratchet with 7mm socket in case I have to remove the front splitter. 2) I bought an extra front and rear Super Snake wheel from Shelby and mounted tires. Figured it would be good to have down the road in case I clip a curb right after Shelby stops making them. I keep them in my garage as sort of a "honey come help me" kit in a pinch. When I take longer trips, the extra front wheel just barely fits in my trunk wheel well as seen in the second picture. I figure it should clear the brakes on front and back in a pinch, but haven't confirmed yet by mounting the front wheel on the back and driving on it. My very first fun drive when I got the SS home I cruised up and down California hwy 1. At one of my road side stops a branch punctured into my tire between the threads. It didn't go all the way through until halfway home when pressure suddenly dropped and I barely made it to the side of the road. When I called AAA, they refused to help saying they don't tow modified cars. Have since read others on forums saying if you just tell them its a Mustang, there is a decent chance the driver that shows up won't care it's a Shelby. After a couple of hours calling around tow companies, one finally came. When he saw the car, he said he couldn't get it on his flatbed because it was so low it would scrape even with a few wood blocks underneath. He told me if I had a way to take off the front splitter, he could have towed me onto the flatbed, thus the 7mm ratchet I now carry. Instead, he fixed the flat with a kit like I have pictured and I was able to make it home. Hope that helps. John
  7. Beautiful cars! Thanks for posting Steven. Any idea how much longer #544 will be at the Heritage Center? Would love to see it before it goes.
  8. That is going to be a beautiful and rare car! Post pics as soon as you get it
  9. Two Super Snakes at Mustangs On The Wharf today in Santa Cruz, CA. Red one mine with the 2017 SS package. Blue one is the new 2019 SS package. John
  10. Highly recommend it Eddie. Shelby have been great to work with.
  11. Beautiful car! ...just need some more pics
  12. Great video! Thanks for doing that! Before I forget to pass this on for next year... A lady who seemed somewhat in charge at the children’s hospital spoke to us for a while and seemed to very genuinely appreciate what we did. She said the gifts were great and and always made the kids light up. She said it gives them a moment where things feel normal again. On the gift cards... definitely appreciated, but she couldn’t answer what they do with them. They don’t have an established process to buy gifts for the kids and made a comment about how busy they all are, sort of implying it would be hard for one of them to go use the gift cards and buy gifts. I’m sure the gift cards will get put to good use, but sounded like in the future unwrapped gifts are much easier for them to deal with. John
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