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  1. 101,548 miles Looks like got all y'all beat.
  2. Buddy has an 06 GT with some bolt ons. The clutch on my GT500 is definitely not as light as his 06. But the dyno sheet I have shows 590 rwhp (at sea level on 93 octane pure gas; so I'm probably closer to 570 hp at a mile high 91 pure gas and a de-tune). His 06 is 350 rwhp, so I would expect a heavier clutch on mine. Thanks for the compliments! She needs some metal work, but from 10 feet you wouldn't know it.
  3. My 09 has 99k on her. Bought her a year ago from a Ford Master Tech in Oklahoma with 95k miles. She's my grocery getter on the weekends during the summer...well, actually I drive the hell out of her on the weekends and after work. The car is solid. The trans problem was dealt with by the previous owner. These cars are built to DRIVE. I looked for this car for 3 years. My advice, don't hesitate if you find the one you want.
  4. For reference, I paid $19k for my 09. 93k miles and some hail damage. Loved it. Bought it. 'Nuf said!
  5. Does anyone have a solution for the American Muscle 19" center cap? Tried the cap from the Shelby 09 wheels but they aren't deep enough to catch the inside click-lip. I'm OK with any Shelby cap.
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