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  1. Last week my new Shelby Terlingua was delivered, and I could not be more happy with it! This is my second Shelby (other was a '14 GT500 w/ widebody) As the car was unloaded from the carrier, I was blown away. It far surpassed my expectations. The car was breathtaking, and the following pics do it no justice at all. The gloss black, yellow accents, polished carbon fiber, and real stainless steel give it a awesome look! It just comes together perfectly. The metal of badges, grill, and hood vents are small details but really present a extremely high quality hand crafted ascetic. And the brakes look like giant high end high performance jewelry! It is all so much more than the sum of its parts. I am sure you all know the specs, and Shelby threw the entire catalog of the best high performance street/track car options at this product. And it shows. I only got to drive it about 100 miles so far, and I will continue to drive it gently until its first break-in oil is changed, but it is easy to tell - this is no fluffy bunny. She is gentle at low throttle but oh so damm angry as those RPMs rise. Its snowing here for the first time this year (today), so my guess is it will be parked until spring. I want to personally thank the team at Shelby for a fantastic buying experience! They did an outstanding job. IMHO, if you are on the fence about ordering one, and you see one of these cars in person - you are going to regret not pulling the trigger. All the best,
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