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  1. Hey Truxman, congrats on getting a GT350. Probably doesn't matter at this point, but #70 at Cardinale was one of the GT-Hs I was looking at as a possibility. And I just looked at their website earlier this morning before I saw your post on here. So, being curious, I called and a sales rep told me it is still available. She also told me there is no body damage and it's in perfect shape. Uh huh, ok. Anyway, I'm not sure what I might do, but they don't seem like a great dealership to work with. I was put on hold multiple times, then disconnected, then called back. It was a mess.
  2. Bwahahahahahaahha! I just called about this one: https://www.valleyfordtruckinc.com/VehicleDetails/used-2016-Ford-Mustang-GT_Premium-Cleveland-OH/3169166683 I was wondering how and why they were asking over $80,000 for it when it appears to be one that was rented (over 20k miles), auto, etc. Nothing special right? It belongs to the owner of this commercial truck dealership and apparently he thinks it's worth a whole lot more than it really is. This is higher than the 2 Vantage Motors still has that were never rented. People are crazy.
  3. I just saw someone on Facebook share info about this. At first I thought it was fake. I don't know what Shelby or Ford or whoever was thinking, but I think it's WRONG to use GT-H and call it "Heritage." The H in Shelby GT-H has always been for Hertz. The black and gold paint scheme and GT-H name should only mean one thing... the Hertz Rent A Racer, the 1,001 GT350Hs they made in 1966, the 500 GT-H coupes in 2006, the 500 GT-H convertibles in 2007, and the 171 GT-H coupes in 2016. Don't like this idea at all.
  4. Sure, here you go. It's meant to be a bit of a sleeper and I joked earlier about people thinking it's an Impala or a Malibu, but that's really what happens. And then they get blown away and go what the heck was that?
  5. Well, because I believe Hertz was/is being too greedy, I went down a different path. I was hoping to get a 2016 GT-H to go with my 2006, but still felt they were overpriced (for a number of reasons others do too). As a result, I decided to put the money into something different. Let me first say, I don't know how many of you are typical car people (that are so brand loyal you bash Camaro and Corvette owners, and Mopar owners, etc.) but I personally like all sorts of cars for different reasons. That's why my daily driver is a Chrysler 300C AWD, our family (wife's) car is a Ford Explorer XLT, I have a Honda S2000, the 2006 GT-H, a 1972 Opel GT, and a 1988 RHD Austin Mini. And just because I own a Mustang doesn't mean I hate Camaro owners (although that seems to be the norm). I like unique vehicles, rare vehicles, and cars that very few other people will own, and this new addition fits the bill. So last Monday I had delivered from Kentucky a 2015 Chevrolet SS. Made in Australia, it's what the Aussies call a Holden Commodore SS-V Redline. It's a high-hp, big V8, RWD sedan (something that is disappearing - basically the SS and the Charger are your only options). If you've never heard of it, you're not alone. And yes, it's just called the "SS" it's not a Malibu or an Impala. This one is finished in Alchemy Purple paint, and the build stats are pretty cool: 1 of 3,168 in 2015 1 of 61 Alchemy Purple 1 of 14 as optioned (automatic, sunroof, tire inflator kit) And the best part? 1,006 miles when I got it. Next is the part where I remove all the Chevy bow-ties and swap in the Holden Lion logo (the funny part about that is that you can buy those accessories directly from Chevy dealers). So I'll be driving around in a car that very few people will even know what it is. Eventually I am very confident I'll get my 2016 GT-H, but it just won't be soon. That was a hard sell to the wife than the SS was because it's a sedan, and I convinced her it would be my new daily driver, replacing the 300C. Luckily she doesn't really need to know about the 415hp and all the go-fast parts that easily can go on it to make 700hp or more. Hehehhe For those of you looking to buy a '16 GT-H, good luck, hope you find a nice one. Keep it in good shape and then sell it to me in a couple years! Take care guys
  6. Mine for my 2006 is 1OF 500. Gets people looking.
  7. Shelby no longer has the chrome HERTZ badges for the 06 and 07 GT-H. I called a couple weeks ago because I wanted to replace mine and they said they no longer had any in stock. It is very disappointing that we cannot replace these parts to keep our car looking in top shape.
  8. Greetings fellow Pennsylvanians. Dave here, located east of Pittsburgh in Latrobe. 2006 GT-H #014. As mentioned earlier, would love to see some events/gatherings on this side of the state. Another car club I am a member of started a Cars n Coffee meet the first Saturday of each month at the new coffee shop near Mt. View on Route 30 in partnership with Smail Auto and some other businesses. Anyone else in this area shoot me a message if you go to the Norwin car cruise on Saturday nights or Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix events in July. Dave
  9. hey hi,i have 07 014 up on the west coast side of Canada,had it for a few years now,just over 55,000 miles on it

  10. Interesting. I have had issues with my 06 GT-H. This past summer I got a brand new battery (original was still in it, so it was time to replace). I would drive the car one weekend, and then maybe not be able to drive it for 2, maybe 3 weeks. I would go to start it, and it wouldn't. Why in a few weeks, or month at tops, would that happen? Something is draining it. I too asked a Ford dealership about it and they said if you know you're going to let it sit for a while, put a battery tender on it. Really?! For a couple weeks? Doesn't seem right. I put a tender on it for Winter storage, but a car should be able to sit a month, hell, even 2-3 months and not have to keep a trickle charge going to it. Any other thoughts/experiences/advice?
  11. If you don't mind me asking, which one are you going to look at?
  12. Well, in my opinion they are not going for premium because they are not selling. I think Hertz is just being greedy.
  13. Hahah, never meant to imply you were the crazy one, I meant the Hertz executives setting the prices. I do have to tell you that your signature and picture annoy me a bit. You need to either put the cars in order from oldest to newest, or put the 3 Hertz vehicles together oldest to newest and then the GT500. At the very least, your signature should be in the order that the cars are in in your picture. Hahahah! I would love to be able to pick up a 2016 version to go with my '06, but I think divorce papers would follow shortly thereafter unless I say goodbye to other current vehicles in the inventory.
  14. 06H275 - Actually, this car was never rented at this location. I'm in the mid-Atlantic area that didn't get the 2016 GT-H (as you know they were mostly CA, TX, FL, NV, etc. with just a few around Detroit, Chicago, Indy, etc.) This particular car was rented in Indianapolis. Additionally, it has an accident on record in September 2016. A small front collision pushed the bumper back and it was rubbing on the front tire so it had to be towed. So you've got an 11k mile car, with an accident (of course very minor in their opinion) and they're still asking $49,900?!?! There are other GT-Hs with similar miles with NO accidents that are the same price or even slightly lower. Some crazy people out there trying to sell these things.
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