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  1. do you know how to convert a 2011 mustang gt to a shelby gt 350 or how i get in contact with the right people to get me started thanks.

  2. I will be there too.I did the track event last year.It was very cool.
  3. Fred has left the building !!!

  4. Robert, Did you say you could get us a copy for our cars?Lol.
  5. Nice job Rob.I have a red Shelby and you can't see it unless you are looking for it.
  6. I have the same setup as BJ but with Kooks headers.I love to set off car alarms.
  7. Yes the RCM is different than your PCM.There are 8 different modules in the GT 500
  8. The 1st Shelby GT 500 to be turned into a KR was built today.999 more to go.
  9. Nobody is going to change any other persons mind.Dan,just don't respond and it will go away,just my opinion.
  10. It depends on what you like.I love it.If you are in L.A. or Vegas you can check it out.........................07 SHELBY....................................................
  11. Tom, Good since you have lots of patience,good luck.1st of all put the car on jack stands.Then loosen the motor mount on the passenger side and take out the bolt for the drivers side motor mount.Lift up your motor and drop your sub-frame oh,maybe 1/2".Read your auto repair manual because you will have to take out the 1/2 shaft for the steering column and then lock it in place.See if the mount is loose enough to slide the driver side motor mount out.Are we having fun yet?If not raise the motor enough not to rip the hoses but to slide the mount out.At some point you will bust your finger but get the mount out.Slide the new one in and start the bolt before lowering the motor.By now you were wishing you let someone else do this!
  12. Tom, I did the same thing last winter.Kooks S.S. long tube headers with Kooks high flow cats and FRPP mufflers. :happy feet: I also installed the aluminum Prothane motor mounts with Poly bushings.If you decide to do this you better have a lot of patience.This is definitely the hardest job I have done on a car. I also did it on jack stands. To answer your question,yes install both(headers and motor mounts) at the same time.Let me put this disclaimer in before you ask me any questions:Pay someone competent to do this job.
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