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  1. I will be there too.I did the track event last year.It was very cool.
  2. Robert, Did you say you could get us a copy for our cars?Lol.
  3. Nice job Rob.I have a red Shelby and you can't see it unless you are looking for it.
  4. I have the same setup as BJ but with Kooks headers.I love to set off car alarms.
  5. Yes the RCM is different than your PCM.There are 8 different modules in the GT 500
  6. The 1st Shelby GT 500 to be turned into a KR was built today.999 more to go.
  7. Nobody is going to change any other persons mind.Dan,just don't respond and it will go away,just my opinion.
  8. It depends on what you like.I love it.If you are in L.A. or Vegas you can check it out.........................07 SHELBY....................................................
  9. Tom, Good since you have lots of patience,good luck.1st of all put the car on jack stands.Then loosen the motor mount on the passenger side and take out the bolt for the drivers side motor mount.Lift up your motor and drop your sub-frame oh,maybe 1/2".Read your auto repair manual because you will have to take out the 1/2 shaft for the steering column and then lock it in place.See if the mount is loose enough to slide the driver side motor mount out.Are we having fun yet?If not raise the motor enough not to rip the hoses but to slide the mount out.At some point you will bust your finger but get the mount out.Slide the new one in and start the bolt before lowering the motor.By now you were wishing you let someone else do this!
  10. Tom, I did the same thing last winter.Kooks S.S. long tube headers with Kooks high flow cats and FRPP mufflers. :happy feet: I also installed the aluminum Prothane motor mounts with Poly bushings.If you decide to do this you better have a lot of patience.This is definitely the hardest job I have done on a car. I also did it on jack stands. To answer your question,yes install both(headers and motor mounts) at the same time.Let me put this disclaimer in before you ask me any questions:Pay someone competent to do this job.
  11. http://www.stangsunleashed.com/forums/inde...ic=14234&hl=
  12. Sweet,you have a nice collection WAXER. Just so you know Grabber is on vacation for a week.
  13. This is how I did my break in.Mash on the GO pedal and drive it like you stole it No you won't ruin it,thats why its there :burnout: You won't have to hit 6,000 rpm.You will here the whine.I throw my Ipod in the console plugged it to the input and plug it into the power(which is also in the console)turn it on and ride
  14. They ship both ways but not sure to NY.Either way it will end up at the dealer in an open trailer.
  15. You guys got it going.If you guys do that I would love to see the finished product.
  16. Good job BJ.Hey with all the vacation time how do you find time to work?Need some help? I need a job like that.
  17. Yeh buddy,that's a threesome to keep. Bride,wow that makes me feel old.I have been married 27.5 years.
  18. I worked on it all last winter,my wife couldn't believe what I had done.Every time she came out to the garage it was all tore apart.Here are my installations.I did all the work except rear gear set. 1-Jlt cold air intake.(custom aluminum heat shield) 2-colder plugs 3-Kooks SS headers(on jack stands) 4-Kook SS Hi flow cats 5-FRPP mufflers(Borla) 6-Steeda 3 point tork boxes(2) 7-Steeda panhard rod 8-Steeda panhard brace 9-BMR -UCA w/poly bushings 10-Evolution-LCA w/poly bushings 11-Porterfield street brake pad 12-Evolution 94 octane street tune 13-Dyna-Tech 3.5" aluminum 1 piece driveshaft 14-Carroll Shelby signed dash at AAI 15-Pictures of it being built at AAI 16-All commit sheets and tests performed, printed from AAI 17-Lots of bling inside 18-1 careless driving ticket(cop dropped the ticket in court,whew 19-Ford Racing 3.73 gear set(installed at Livernois Motor Sport,Dearborn,Mi.) I am sure I missed a couple things,this is from a memory with CRS. 610 to 640 HP(not dynoed yet) Edit:Just so everyone knows I edited this post. 20-Metco 2.6 blower pulley 21-Metco idler pulley
  19. Damn Rob.In the last 12 hours you have told everyone here your whole life story except the part that you wear a bra. You haven't shown any of those pictures yet. I know he will he loves those pictures.
  20. Here's a couple pictures of mine. I haven't had it dynoed since I have finished it but she putting down about 610 to 640 hp at the rear wheels.
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