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  1. 32-V I have been trying to get in contact with you for the exhaust but no answer still
  2. With the panhard and spring were you able to do an alignment? Or did you need one?
  3. man wish you still had those pypes Id grab them off of you Thanks for the info tho. im dumb I like the loud give me headache exhaust haha
  4. 21 people no one has an input?
  5. Pretty simple which one should I go with will be going on an 11 500 Thanks in advance
  6. So I am going to be installing springs and I think I am going to go with either the: Bilstien Pro kit then add eibachs sways front and rear, Steeda ball joints, ford bumper kit, eibach lca's, UPR bump steer, UPR sway bar end links, UPR UCA, Or Eibach pro kit with the same everything Or Steeda springs ( I have heard these are the best ) with the same everything else Thanks in advance.
  7. What would be the loudest setup do not care about drone or any of that other stuff. Option 1 Lethal Off Road X pipe Lethal over the axle pipe One of the following axle backs: Pypes Bombs, SLP loudmouths, Magnaflow competitions, MACS, Flowmaster Outlaw, Option 2 Lethal Off X and Pypes or Magnaflow catback I know I will be getting a lot more sound by doing headers which I am going to do once I do motor work ect. Thanks in advance
  8. Cool may go with Borlas for cat back now haha I'm so torn need to just pull the trigger
  9. so all require engine to be lifted?
  10. cool thanks, did you go with kooks? after reading things JBA looks like a PIA to have installed
  11. so will catted or high flow catted headers be the same?
  12. I have an 11 GT500 and I am looking to install an exhaust. I want it to be EXTREMELY loud I was thinking of going with lethal performance off road X pipe with either a lethal performance over the axle pipe with either SLP loudmouths or PYPES bombs or the lethal x pipe with a pypes cat back also I will be deleting the resonators Thanks in advance
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