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  1. I ordered one last week and received it 2 days ago size men’s large will be under the tree for Christmas jacket is awesome
  2. I purchased my 2017 gt350 last year. It is shadow black without any stripes.Now I decided I want to put white stripes on it. has anyone done this and if so what was the process. I asked my dealer and they referred me to a person that does stripes for them. Is that my best option or does anyone suggest something different. I looked on e-bay but found nothing Bob Gillette from Delaware
  3. Sorry, my mistake The chassis number is HO 346 Any idea on what the "O" is for Thanks Bob Gillette
  4. I received my Gt350 one year ago and I have a question about he chassis number My number is HR346. I know the H designates the year(2017) but what does the R stand for Bob Gillette
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