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  1. Exact address of my F-150 Shelby Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/F150Shelby/?ref=bookmarks
  2. Posted my Test and Tune video from last Friday night! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NMPV033hjI
  3. Thanks for offering to join. Simply go to Facebook and type in "F-150 Shelby" -- I'm the only group. It's "Closed" and I'll admit you in. Posting pics of your truck and exploits is the point of the group ... and that will help it gain momentum. Thanks! -Rooster
  4. Looking for other F-150 Shelby owners to join my Facebook group: F-150 Shelby, to network and share experiences among us owners. I've got the black with gray racing stripes but tempted by the metallic blue with white racing stripes. Everyone's telling me, "NOOOO!!!!" Hmmm.... --Rooster #214 March 17, 2016
  5. I'm proud owner #214, having bought mine a day after it arrived on the lot at Koons Ford, Sterling, VA. I will NOT vacuum-seal it in the garage ... I will drive it to work daily, test'n'tune it...maybe race it at the dragstrip...and go muddin'. Looking for where the other 499 owners are and what they're doing with theirs. I can't find a single Google hit or YouTube video of this truck living life outside of a scripted commercial. Also, no Facebook groups dedicated to it exist (until now... look up my "F-150 Shelby" group). Hope the other elite owners find this group. I've not changed a thing on this truck and it has taken home something in 5 of 7 fashion shows. Lookin' forward to taking it to the racetrack this weekend to put "0 to 60 in 4.5" to the test in multiple configurations. Suggestions welcome. --Rooster
  6. Answer is yes. My Tuscany rep for my 2016 F-150 Shelby said they will make 500 in 2017. (Join my Facebook group: F-150 Shelby)
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