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  1. Anyone live close to this dealer?..need a Super Snake checked out! 1833 N Interstate 35ECarrollton, Texas 75006
  2. Are you thinking about the 08 GT/SC? Whipple is, or was 550hp, not sure on the KB i see that the present GT/SC package for 2007/2008 is standard Kenne Bell and optional Whipple. Seeing the KB on Shelbystore it says 514hp
  3. Yes, it is a lot of Mustangs and Shelbys. At this time the Norwegian krone is very weak against US dollar, not very good time to buy cars actually. 11350039 is not in Norway as far as i know, we only have one 2011 350 and that is 113500350. if you have the phone number i can check it if you want
  4. Hi! Any tip on a 11 or 12 Super Snake for sale is appreciated. torgeir_klokkerhaug@yahoo.no
  5. IMHO a 605 base package and with way to low mileage.....the asking prices are usually to high. Purchasing a 07-09 Super Snake you are better off getting a Kenne Belll 725/750 hp car. im guessing very few US citizens are ok paying above 50k for a 605 hp base Super Snake. New cars are way better and more hp. Just my 2 cents
  6. Im sure someone will post pictures of the Norway tour, but here is a video of the last day at the Mustang /Shelby meet. ø
  7. I bought the ones for Mustang GT, round ones, like the KR exhaust. AM said that it would not fit GT500, but had no problems, had to tweek the hangers just a bit.
  8. I installed Borla Atak on my 2007 Super Snake a few years ago, sounded great, and no drone.
  9. GO is a great color. Just purchased my first GT/SC 08SGT0032, 230 miles only. Car was previous owned by David Durant @ The Stable Performence Cars. It is currently on its way to Norway. I have had two Super Snakes before, one 605hp base car and one 725hp Kenne Bell car, both 2007.
  10. Hi! just picked up a 2008 Shelby GT/SC. Orange/silver , Whipple and only 230 miles. car is beeing shipped to Norway! .
  11. Nice Snakes...really like the S550 Super Snakes. Maybe a 2015 will come up for sale some time so i can import to Norway 😃
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