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  1. Hi! just picked up a 2008 Shelby GT/SC. Orange/silver , Whipple and only 230 miles. car is beeing shipped to Norway! .
  2. Nice Snakes...really like the S550 Super Snakes. Maybe a 2015 will come up for sale some time so i can import to Norway 😃
  3. Hi! Anybody know this car?...or maybe live near by and could take a look at it? Not many answers to get from the dealer, does not seem to know much about the car or Shelbys. https://www.wholesaleinc.com/inventory/used-2014-ford-mustang-gt-350-rwd-2dr-car-1zvbp8cf6e5233570
  4. Its a nice car. Have been watching it for awhile. SGT0128 on the forum checked it out for me. Set aside it is/was very dirty its a low option car and modified to 653 rwhp ( cold air intake, throttle body, headers, custom tune )..not sure if the pulley is swapped. Eibach shocks is put on after it left Shelby i believe. But the car looks and sounds great from pictures and video, just over 10.000 miles. Fuel pressure gauge was not working.
  5. Been watching the 08 KR’s for a while. Vista Blue is the only one interesting for me. Have seen them sold for high 30’s to high 40’s last two years by auction....and other cars advertised from high 50’s to high 60’s. Will be interesting to see the very low mileage on Barret Jackson in January. TK
  6. Probably doesnt matter. For me i would try to get a 2008 because of the 40th, but the quality of the particular car 08 or 09 would decide my descission...as long as it is Vista Blue😜 https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/shelby/gt500kr/2188572.html https://cars.trovit.com/listing/2009-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-kr.a1yBXL1Po1N
  7. Congrats, nice one Sent you a message on inbox SGT0128
  8. The red one is a beautiful car, nice option list...was looking at it my self. I found an ended ebay listing at $55.900, not sure if highest bid or just not sold. Was also listed on Ebay at $63k i think. The grey 0029 was a nice car too, but very few options, i think its gone now, was at $47k ... Not sure what to pay for a nice 13 GT350, but would like one my self, nice cars.
  9. Ok, so i used my SKYPE on my Ipad and called Shelby today. Great customer service, they had me signed up for the 2018 Team Shelby Membership within few minutes...just charged my credit card and emailed me confirmation a few minutes later... the 2018 package looks great by the way. http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=93960
  10. Thanks for a great weekend in Essen at the motorshow with the Team Shelby Family. A big thanks to our Scandinavian Director that invited and included us in this happening, and of course everybody involved in the Europe kick off. Great meeting and talking to Gary, Tracey, Scott, Aaron, Jim, Patrick, Volkhard, Alex, Chuck and all other great people. Shelby and Team Shelby is truly a group of great people, wishing for big sucess with Shelby in Europe. Torgeir
  11. So, the Vista Blue got sold. PONY MAN on this Forum had a 07 725hp Super Snake for sale,and we came to an agreement. Car is now on its way to Norway Jerry is a great guy by the way!
  12. Welcome and congrats...nice numbers
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