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  1. Well, after my Walmart battery died, I was on the hunt for a new battery. A good friend of mine recommended Odyssey batteries, and it happens that they just released a new AGM battery that will fit GT500s. My battery arrived extremely well packaged, and fully charged. Made in USA, and it looks beautiful! The stock blanket and everything else fit perfectly. Car fired right up, and no issues observed. Thanks Odyssey! I would post pics, but the file size cap prevents me from uploading the nice high res pictures!
  2. Hi, Anyone use this system? I searched for awhile but their is little to no info about it.
  3. It appears it is a metri pack 280 series terminal tangless and unsealed. Ordered a few pieces from Mouser. Working on crimper next.
  4. Howdy. New member with red - black striped 2008. Nice to meet all of you!
  5. Hi all. Just bought an 08. Had a P0801 reverse inhibit circuit cide. No check engine light, always hard to shift into reverse. Pulled connector off reverse solenoid. Verified good ground from yellow wire. Violet had no 12v. Checked fuse 39 in BJB, good, had 12v keyed on. Disconnected green connector under BJB (rearmost of connectors). Grounded violet-white wire, verified circuit under car was complete. Was stumped at this point. Reassembled, and car would not start. Freaked out at this point! Disassembled again, and paid special attention to pins in that connector. The red paired wire and violet-white wire pins had loose fingers inside. That was my aha! moment. I disassembled the connector and removed those pins. Using a small pick, I carefully bent the fingers inside the pins back out and reassembled everything. It all works well now!!! I am trying to track down replacement pins...will update if I find them.
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