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  1. Thanks good stuff! Yea lower control arms look bone stock. I believe the clutch was upgraded because it feels was too nice compared to a stock gt500 I've felt and heard about. What's is the best course of action to going about a tune? I was thinking buying a programmer with tune for mods already on there, taking it to a ford dealership to flash and put the factory tune, then immediately after plugging in my own tuner.
  2. I recently got my 2008 gt500 from a dealership. I am investigating any mods that have been done before I start doing any of my own. I'm almost certain the supercharger pulley is stock and there is no idler pulley. But to be certain I'm going to measure it. What dimension is typically measured? And any other advice for things to look for is appreciated. All I can tell is the CAI and axle backs. Still has orginal tires with 18kmiles so imagine just the basics were done.
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    Lol yea I've got a bunch of plans. From what I've read I'll probably start with jlt oil separator and cooling mods as well as traction mods. I've got enough power for now haha
  4. RoBooM

    Super Pumped!

    Lol yea trust me. I'm definitely taking it easy this thing is nuts haha but I love it
  5. My 2008 gt500 just arrived today. And man is it a dream come true. But my question: the clutch feels light, a good light though. I've felt a gt500 before and it felt stuff and I've also heared they're stiff. Do you honk the previous owner did some type of upgrade? Thanks
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    Ford Mustang
  7. Ha I used to have a 2005 Ranger Fx4. Sold it to help pay for my GT500
  8. Hey! I'm super pumped to be the owner of my 2008 Gt500, vista blue w/ white stripes, 18k miles. I'm having it shipped from Minnisota to Fort Campbell Ky. It's killing me to wait for it. This has been my dream car since 2009 when I bought my 2006 v6 (which I'm keeping) I've got a lot of tasteful mods planned! This looks like a pretty active forum and excited for discussion! -Rob
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