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  1. Fellow GT500 enthusiasts, I am getting the clutch replaced on my 08 GT500. The shop I was recommended is suggesting a 2013/14 OE clutch. I searched quite a bit, but could not see anyone else having done this. Anyone have any feedback regarding this? Thanks.
  2. I am having this same issue too! I bought my '08 GT5 in June 2012 with 13,500 miles on it and it now has 28,000 miles. I am very disappointed, to put it mildly, as the clutch was replaced just before I bought it and this second one only lasted 14500 miles!! So, I get the feeling that they replaced it with the exact same clutch, not the 2010 clutch. Of course, the service department at Dean Sellers Ford, who replaced the first bad clutch and sold the car to me, says its normal wear and Ford Customer Care says sorry, can't help you. My thought/query is: Can I find out if they followed the TSB correctly or not. IF I can finf out and IF they did not follow the procedure correctly (incorrect part nos.), can I demand that they redo it after such a long period of time. Do i have any hope or am I doomed!!!! I do not have the money to replace the clutch at this time!!!! My wife is gonna kill me when she finds out, IF she finds out. Any advice you all can provide is greatly appreciated .
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