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  1. Hey, 
    Do you have the Felt Shelby? or perhaps you might know someone who does?


  2. Thanks for the reply. Been looking at their website and they seem to have some nice stuff for sure.
  3. Any advantages or disadvantages between the two? Both seem about the same on the outside and about the same price.
  4. Looking to dress up the engine in my 14 but not going overboard, what things are out there? I have seen the Shelby engine cap set and not 100% sold. I have also seen some chrome battery and fuse box kits which are nice and priced right. What other things have you found?
  5. Which Ford racing filter goes with a 2014 GT500? I am seeing conflicting things on the internet. I went to Ford yesterday and they gave me the regular Fl-820S but does the CM-6731-FL820 work?
  6. I was kinda leaning towards Corsa already...
  7. So i have decided that I am going to put some exhaust and a X pipe on the car to start with. So many options but down to either Corsa or Borla S type. I think they pretty much sound the same from the videos but anyone have experience with them on our car? I know it has been discussed a lot over this site but that also includes Shelby's from other years so might not be the exact same.
  8. 2014 GT500 GT 500
  9. Thanks for the links. You had me at drone on them. Looking like the Corsa's might be the best option.
  10. Ford Performance M-5230MSVTLB 2014 GT500
  11. Good point on the hood lifts. I still have the stock Goodyears on but i have not really gotten on it that much.
  12. Has anyone put these on or heard them on a Shelby?
  13. Thanks for the responses and like some have said i might do a couple of small things but nothing extreme. Has anyone put the X pipe on and left the stock mufflers? I want it a little louder but nothing that would get annoying.
  14. Meguiar's G13815 Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating - 15 oz
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