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  1. Larry T, not sue how to respond directly to you, but I am curious as to what you would be asking for the signed supplement.
  2. Looking to find a copy of the 2007 Shelby GT Supplement book that was included with the Owners Manual package.
  3. This is the only forum that I am a member of and I do not know too much about looking up old posts. GTH452 recommended me to review his March 2015 post for more info on my car, but i tried to search for this post but have not been able to find it. I am probably not searching correctly so any help would be appreciated. Thanks I am appreciating all the help in finding the history behind my car.
  4. Thanks for all the info. I now know some of the rental history of my car. When I looked over the front end thoroughly once I got the car home I thought there had been some lower front end damage sometime in the past for this car. So I am not surprised the ducts are replacements. Thanks to Steve, he said the replacement ducts were speaker tubes, I have found some that will fit and just have to cut them to length.
  5. My GTH is missing one of the air duct tube inserts in the lower front grill next to the fog light. I have attached pictures if needed. I would like to get a replacement or one I could use as a substitute. How do you find out where your car was a rental (07H110)? I am also looking for a replacement/substitute mufflers for my car. I do not need them now but figured I would get them to have on hand. My hanger has rusted off on one like others have. I know from this site that the originals are no longer available. stang6585
  6. Just got 07H110 home from temp storage in NC. Took delivery on 26 Oct, but had to wait until 12 Nov to get it home to MD on a trailer. I spent most of 13 Nov driving it around and having fun doing it. Warm enough to have top down fun. Got lots of looks and questions when we stopped for lunch. Do have a couple of questions. Car is missing one of the plastic ducts next to the fog light and was wondering where to get one. Also my hood pin ring and lanyards could use replacing and where can these be found? Thanks and I now know what it is like to own a Shelby.
  7. Not a member yet, but will be. What region is Maryland in?
  8. This is my first Shelby and I will be enjoying it.
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