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  1. Should have left it alone since the other format was user friendly. I belong to three other Shelby GT 350 forums and they are always very active and easy to navigate through. See yas!
  2. Yea but when you click on contact like your supposed to and send an email asking for help because you can't figure out how to navigate on a part of one of the sub-forums on this new forum lay out like I did it sure would be nice to get a reply back.
  3. Or is it I just don't have my settings set correctly. I can't figure out how to get around on this new forum. Its not user friendly as before. Also sent a message to the contact email a few days ago to find out how to have only the latest unread posts show up on the 2015-2018 Shelby GT 350 part of forum and received no answer. But since this sight has gotten so difficult to work through with the new format it appears theirs not many posting on it.
  4. Maybe you can help me with something else I can't figure out. I got the unread messages only done thanks to you. Ok since I have a 2017 Shelby GT 350 the forum I have set on my desktop computer is the one: 2015-2018 GT 350. But when I go there to my latest unread posts it will show the latest posts I haven't read for other topics posted, not just the 2015-2018 GT 350. Used to be you went to the forum pertaining to your vehicle like the one here mentioned and once you set your settings properly when you went back to the website and to that part of forum it would only show the latest unread content of that forum. Also when I go click on unread content as you showed me all works but the heading of the forum does say 2015-2018 GT 350 but the current posts below the heading are as I said are anything posted in any of the forums I haven't read. Thanks again.
  5. I know some like me got rid of there 2016 and got a 2017 to help keep value up since unless you got the track pack on the 2016 you didn't get the transmission/differential coolers. And in my case I had a teck pack with the comfy seats etc. And was lucky enough to find a new 2017 with the comfy seats before there became a restraint on them. And since all 2017's have the coolers I'm sure the 2016's decreased in value/price.
  6. Is there a brand and part number battery for my 2017 that has way more CCA then our Ford one that is 390 CCA that is an exact replacement so that the battery cover will still fit over battery and basically the outside of the battery is the same size? Was thinking on the lines of a battery with more CCA and total amps on the thought of taking much longer to have car powered systems from pulling enough power from the car that it won't start. We really do have a pretty weak battery. I have a battery tender that works well. But would like to have a much more beefy battery if possible. Thanks
  7. Gee thanks works perfect. I would never have figured that one out. Thanks for helping me. Johnny
  8. I sure hope they do something about now every time I go back to this sight to read unread messages I have to click on unread little box upper right then click on box saying unread messages. Before like all the other Shelby forums I'm on I can just set to show unread messages and every time I go to the website it only shows unread messages. I don't like how this is so many steps to get there each time now. Wasn't before!
  9. My tint guy I've used for years on cars told me I couldn't wait and take car soon as done but wait to pick it up a few hours after he tinted it because like the Camaros the car needed to sit awhile when done since the windows move up when closing doors.
  10. I'm sure they have. And I'm sure Fords answer is to take it to your dealership and have it fixed at there body shop under warranty. And you just go in a circle. Fords not going to actually address the issue to find out why they sag and come out with a TSB.
  11. Yup it will. Most of us have the gap some what and even if wasn't there when bought new it eventually happens. Some have tried all different things and so have body shops. And those that said body shop corrected it some time later say it comes back. I hate it but no one has come up with a permanent fix yet that I know of.
  12. Nope but if your talking about the black trim you might try buying whats called Back To Black (Walmart has it and other places) and try that. But first I'd wait and see if Ford will take care of you with having body shop take care of it. They would know exactly what to do to get those pieces back black looking (if thats the trim you mean)
  13. Spin on filter replaced with a canister filter.
  14. Last I'd heard it still only goes to the original owner. I know some have tried to get the goodie boxes that weren't the first owner from Ford with no luck (sorry)
  15. Don't know about 18 owners but they still did for the 17 owners.
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