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  1. They could had come with the GT-H hood... It would be awesome!!!
  2. Thanks for your recommendations, guys... I will do a full fluid and filter change and a belt and hose good revision. About the tyres, I will wait to change them because I use the car more to go to some meetings or nearby travels.
  3. Hello guys, my Shelby GT has almost ten years... It's not a daily driver, so It has only 15k miles. The car runs perfectelly but the uniques things I've changed since new were engine oil and filter once a year. Should I change other fluids like coolant, transmission, brakes, transmission, differencial, or filters like fuel, for example? Are there others components I shoud change?
  4. Mine is not a daily driver... It has only 15k miles. The streets here are much bumpy and we have a big security problem, so I use the car to fun myself on motorways, but I enjoy each meter. Here in my country we have only two Shelby GT, so it's even more exclusive.
  5. My idea is just to improve safety in braking. I do not fell safe with these brakes in a emergency situation and see no other way at a lower cost to solve this problem.
  6. Thank you guys for all the replies... You are helping me a lot! I think I should first change the brakes and only then choose the smaller possible spacer to lessen any kind of change in suspension geometry. I will look for H&R spacers... Great tip on the issue of brake pads too. Another question... The spacers are not recommended for use on track days?
  7. Hello!!! I would like to install big brakes on my 2008 Shelby GT. The OEM Brembo from 2007 - 2012 GT500 seems to be a good option. But I really like the classic style of the original wheels and do not want to change them. Do you think I can use spacers? Does anyone have experience with that?
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