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  1. Okay so I am about to store the car for the winter and just clocked over 100k miles. I bought the car at 92k miles and I am wondering if there are things I should check and what I should be expecting to be prepared for. Off the top of my head the only issue I am looking into over the winter is a light tick at idle coming from the passenger side engine area. Replaced solenoids and did timing chain. Not sure what it could be at this point. We checked cams and all of that is fine. Not sure what else to look for at this point.
  2. I do have local I just didn’t know which would be cheaper
  3. Only part I’m stressed on is tuning honestly . So lost in that area
  4. Absolutely stunning cars ! My girlfriend loves riding around in it but she doesn’t love the money I’ve poured into it lol. I have a DOB kit that I’m going to attempt to install this winter while car is down. So glad I got the Shelby, great community by far.
  5. Glad to know there are more! I have only seen one other SGT around omaha .
  6. I looked around the forum, but wanted to be as specific as possible. Anytime I hit a small divot or turn sharp sometimes the front left pops or makes a slight clunk. I would assume strut mount comparing to what I have seen other places, but would like other ideas because I am not 100% sure.
  7. Yeah we figured out it was the bushings. They are pretty bad. Really need to get them replaced lol
  8. I have had my Shelby for about 2 months now and there is a very noticeable squeak in the rear that I can even make squeak just by pushing the back of the car down. What would your first guess be so if I put it up on a lift I can know where to look right away and have parts ready. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Date night with the girlfriend and the car, thought it would be a perfect time for a photoshoot lol. She definitely makes the car look even better! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f9vpe1ckokxig6n/AADrnipc2vcbBqtU_3opqvema?dl=0
  10. No side stripes.. was gonna wait on that . Stripes I believe are a little bit different to support the hood scoop
  11. Got the in-transits and a BIG detail done. So glad I was able to get a car like this when I did! You guys said to post some more pics when I got it road ready and here it is! ALSO, need some side skirts/ rockers .. the old ones were trashed . and a couple emblems. Hurst emblem and f performance! Let me know if you can find me any of these THANKS SUPER EXCITED TO PUT MILES ON THIS https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tit3pz59rsjz7y8/AACNRQKU-gGq6PJy9DIOqXNda?dl=0
  12. found it from a shelby guy on here just ask around.. lots of helpful guys here
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