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  1. You are great. Thank you very much. Like I said very new to mustangs. Just trying to figure it all out.
  2. Can anyone help or suggest things?
  3. Sorry for what could be a silly question. I am doing upgrades to suspension on my 13 gt500 convertible. I have gotten parts together. I have gotten upper control arm w new upper mount, lower control arms, adjustable pan hard bar and brace, caster camber plates and steeda lowering springs. The springs is where I have my question. Do I need to do steeda bumpsteer kit and joints cause I, lowering car in front end? Will not doing this ruin my handling? Again sorry for a silly question but I'm new to mustangs. Also am I missing some items I should do at same time? Thanks to those brave enough to answer
  4. Congrats!! Look forward to some great events around tri state area. Good luck
  5. Thanks for vid. Great way to show whole line. Finally a commercial that makes sense
  6. Thanks so much. Don't plan on spending a lot just now. I will look into the lowering springs. Thanks
  7. Hey guys. New here and new to shelbys. Need help w thoughts on suspension upgrades. I have a 2013 convertible gt500. Has all options. It's my first gt500. I've had saleens and zo6s previously. I've been running car around streets w all my friends and can never seem to keep power to the ground. Granted I'm chasing around a 2016 zo6/zo7 and a couple other vettes. Every time we come out of turns and they punch it they seem to get away. I seem to just be loose. Any guys w experience here maybe can lead me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
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