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  1. I came across this on the Bay and decided to purchase it as I have never seen one before. I'm always looking for something to add to my collection. Craig R.
  2. Had my passenger side air bag inflator replaced today on my 2006 Hertz. This was per recall 16S26B. Received recall letter early April 2018 & called for appt. on 4/19/18. Parts were not available so I was put on the waiting list. Received a call just a few days ago stating parts were in stock so I scheduled appt. for this morning. All is good! Craig R.
  3. Thanks for the compliments! I was surprised that this sequence was available. I was fortunate as the plate on my '66 Hertz reads SHELB66. Craig R
  4. Went with the factory license plate holder. Didn't hurt that much to drill those 2 holes. I'm very pleased. Craig R
  5. Speaking of personalized plates, here's the one I was able to obtain. The California Legacy plates are a great match for the '06 Hertz. Just another reason, besides abiding by the law, to have a front plate! Craig R
  6. Craig actually emailed me back stating he does not market one for the '06 Hertz. He stated he has one for a 2013-2014 GT California Special which might work. No part number was provided. Craig R
  7. Thanks everyone for the valuable information. The SHO N STO bracket is a great idea but it lowers the license plate too far for my use. Ground clearance is already compromised to begin with. Besides, being able to remove the plate is not a necessity as this car will be used more for "go" than "show". I have decided to go with the factory mounting bracket which seems more appropriate for me. Craig R
  8. Thanks for the link. I contacted them to see if they market one for the '06 Hertz. Should know Thursday. Craig R
  9. Thanks for the picture. That does help. I just need to verify the part number if I decide to go this route. Craig R
  10. I purchased my 2006 Hertz recently and the front facia is not drilled for a front license plate bracket. I was hoping to use one of the "screwless" ones from Craig Broussard but he does not offer one for the '06 Hertz. I've reviewed some previous posts regarding front mounting brackets and am leaning towards a factory bracket. Is the 7R3Z-17A385-CA the correct Ford bracket for my car? I also read one post showing a Plymouth PT Cruiser bracket used on the front. Still In my glovebox is the envelope with license plate attaching screws inside. The picture on the front shows the license plates being directly attached to the front and rear without any brackets! This is the way my front plate is attached to my '96 GT. There is no bracket at all. Does anyone have any information on what is correct or what is the norm? Much appreciated! Craig R
  11. I was very hopeful as SAI referred me to their original supplier, Classic Design Concepts. I contacted them and they stated that they carried them. I almost fell off my seat and ordered 2 @ $5.00 apiece. I knew it was too good to be true as they sent the ones that are part of the relocation kit. They mount on the wiper blades. The hunt continues. I will probably take a closer look at some of the ones used on other vehicles. Some appear to have the same push-in design that would work with the Hertz hood cutout. I can't remove the one I have completely as the tubing is attached. I'd like to see what the lower portion of the nozzle looks like. Can anyone help with a picture? Thanks! Craig R
  12. ^^^ Thanks, I did see that post. I am trying to find a single nozzle that will just pop in there without any other modifications. It looks as if it has fore and aft tabs that pop into the hood. I will have to see if I can carefully remove the one I have to get more detail. There are lots of these out there for other makes/models of cars that look as if they will work. I'll keep researching. Thanks for the help. Craig R
  13. Thanks for the reply! When I purchased my car, one of the hood nozzles was missing. As you know these are unique to the Hertz specific hood and no longer supplied by SAI. No need to photograph yours as I can just remove the one I have from my hood. I was just hoping someone had a loose one that they could photograph. I'm trying to find one with a similar profile and dimensions. Didn't want to remove mine for fear of breaking it. Craig R.
  14. Does anyone have a closeup picture of a hood mounted windshield nozzle/jet for a 2006 Hertz? I specifically need side views of the area that's not visible, i.e. the area under the surface of the hood. Thanks in advance for any help. Craig R
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