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  1. I'm about an hour south of you in Huntsville, AL.. Check out the Music City Mustang Club up there. We in the Rocket City Mustang club get together up there a few times a year for shows.
  2. Finally decided on what to buy. Went with Michelin Pilot AS3, stock sizes. The Firestone store actually ordered them for me since he couldn't get the Firehawk Indy 500's, which I thought was funny since Tire rack has them. So $1100 mounted/balanced/road hazard and out the door,
  3. I have a 2014 GT500 and about to take the OEM GY's off at 15k miles. Friend with a 2014 GT has the Firehawk Indy 500 and I really like the way they ride and hook up. Granted he isn't putting as much power to the wheels, I just wandered if there was any possible issue with the W rating. Had the car up to 160mph once, but I do like to have a little fun in it. Tirerack has the tire sizes for the staggered wheels listed and at a much lower price than the new Michelin PS4. Any thoughts or experience with them? Thanks in advanced.
  4. I use various products from: Chemical Guys (butter wax,Inner Clean, Diablo) Adams (In & Out Spray) Meguires Griots Mothers
  5. Yeah I think the GT500 will be gone for a while. Hope its a Mach 1.
  6. Man thats sad, homework, homework, on these ladies before you jump in bed.
  7. Yeah, natural rubber will freeze. My dad retired from Dunlop in the 90's and he said the pallets of naturals would come in frozen many times.
  8. Fronts are still 7/32s, rears 5/32's...I wasn't planning on driving during the winter, but haven't had much of one this year, high of 80 tomorrow, crazy. I am actually eyeing the Firestone Firehawk Indy500's when I do change or Nitto's, just haven't gotten to point to change yet. And I have found very little Shelby info for those Indy 500 tires even though they make the staggered set. But yeah they spin like crazy unless the roads are 100 degrees.
  9. I personally hope they don't design another GT500 for quite some time. I wouldn't want to see it on the current chassis, sorry I'm not a fan of the current look. I would rather see a Mach 1 come back for a while. It's hard to say though, with SVT getting merged into Ford Perfomance who knows what Ford will do. I think SVT knowing 13/14 GT500's were going to be there last run before meeting, sent the 500 out with a bang. Now FP will have to put up a top dog with hopefully a Mach 1 to challenge Dodge & GM. Just my .02.
  10. I found mine in Georgia after about a years search for that right one. Found her on cargurus.com
  11. Great looking car! Congratulations!
  12. Thanks to this site I ended up with Grundy Worldwide for $927 a year, $62K coverage on my 2014 GT500.250/500 policy, no deductable, and it can't be a daily driver.
  13. @Morgan19d. Sorry missed your question. I'm just north of Huntsville, AL.
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