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  1. Just my 2 cents. Tracking my Shelby since 2007 and have got clean up after 3 days 540 miles of Daytona down to a wash and dry. First wash car with good car wash that won't harm your wax. Then use Nu Finish and a sponge covered in a cloth and soaked in water to clean any marks. Oh make sure the car is still wet when you start the Nu Finish cleaning if not wet it down. Then do your normal drying and buff a little to get the polish to shine. I also use the Nu Finish on all the painted parts under the car to remove any rubber marks and protect the finish. You can prevent rust on new bare metal using this polish on it. My 07 Super Snake has 22000 miles on it, most track miles and the bare metal parts still look new. I don't wet down the wheels and brakes unless I have a air hose to dry all water off everything. Rusty brakes on a clean car just doesn't work for me. Nu Finish also works well cleaning my enclosed car trailer. Do the same steps keeping it wet when you clean the black streaks. Hope this works for everyone as well as it does for me. John
  2. I have a question though... I know a lot of guys here have commented that a GT500 with the same mods as a Super Snake will never be a Super Snake (which I get) but at what point does a Super Snake that is modded A LOT stop being a Super Snake?? I mean doesn't the same logic hold true that if you fundamentally change the car (wheels, blower, engine, fuel system) that it is no longer an original Super Snake? I mean if a guy took a GT500 and did all the mods that Van has done to this Super Snake and it went just as fast there are those on this board that would say, "Well yes it's faster but it will NEVER be a Super Snake." I think the accepted rule is 3 mods for most car shows and racing venues provided they are very minor and legal for the event. The Texas Mile does have classes and in the unlimited super charged class anything goes. Van's runs were made within these rules for the class and yes it is a Super Snake. But a little closer to home with just 3 or less minor changes in a stock class as delivered from the factory the Super Snake has gone 186.186 MPH. Pulley change, fuel change, and speed limiter removed. You Go Van 200 MPH +++++ What else could it be but a Super Snake!!!
  3. That's great John! Won't be long till you take delivery of it. I still cannot believe the redline on this car. It seems to wind out for forever. I'm so used to shifting at 5500-6000rpm that going up to 7300-7500 feels very strange. Thanks I just got it home. And your right about the redline. It will take some seat time practicing keeping the RPMS up, when the Snake doesn't need any revs to make the power.
  4. John: Best of luck with the new Boss! I guess you'll be tracking this car now more so than the Super Snake. Hope to see you with it next year at Fords @ Carlisle. Take care.............Barry Thanks Barry Yes its my new track car. You know I'll be at Carlisle with the BOSS !!! Just got it off the truck a little while ago. Its safe in the garage.
  5. I found my Boss at the locale rail yard and had the guard take a few pictures.
  6. You Go Whammer !!!!!!!! AS for the Super Snake Club your membership is for Life. As a acting member I'll see to it that the board passes it. Now about the Boss. I had a chance to drive one around Sebring a few months back, and couldn't believe I was driving a mustang. It was a street Boss and it handles like a full on track car. That day couldn't have been any better... I've had my order in for a silver LS since Dec. 6 2010. Its sitting in Ohio and is schedule to be delivered Sept. 10. As for the looks and paint goes on the car I to think it looks better in person. And for that matter if it was pink with Lime green strips it won't matter as long as I can Track it and drive the wheels off of it. I hope to soon be joining your Boss Club in the very near future. Good Luck with your new Boss. Super Snake Club Member And Waiting Boss Member.
  7. Hey Tony Glad to see your getting some track time. To busy with work to get out. Can't wait to here how the BOSS does, I think it ran great driving it to the Carlisle Show chasing your 350. Hope we can get together and track both our Boss mustangs. Still waiting on my LS, hope to have it for Daytona in Dec. let me know if you can make that event. I'll see you at Carlisle next year for sure. Oh I'll be at Daytona with the Snake if the Boss doesn't show. Keep It on the Pavement !!!!! John
  8. Don't worry about the car taking flight, its very stable at the higher speeds. The newer Shelbys have even better airo then my 07 SS. I;ve been 192 in the texas mile no problem and up to 173 at Daytona. Sorry to say you won't be able to take off the speed limiter without a complete reflash. What I mean is you can't connect a tool and just change the limiter. Contact Van or Jon Lund these guys can help. Great Package you have good luck. John
  9. Hope this helps. This was Shelbys fix on the first couple of hoods. It really didn't fix any thing. But you get use to driving it and its temperment. Still the Best car I've ever driven.
  10. Thanks for the reply. You actually make my decision harder! I'm crazy about my GT500 but the LS is more of the type of ride I prefer and has more of the options that I want along with no add-on crap. Decisions..... I don't think anyone would say that either car is better then the other. Its all about what you plan to do with the car. If I had to choose between a Gt 500 and a Boss Ls it would be the Boss hands down. But a Super Snake to a Boss LS, tracking as much as do I might still want a Boss. The Snake has its place pretty much anywhere it goes even the track but a Ford Factory Built with warranty street legal track car its true the Boss is back!!! You can't go wrong with either.
  11. Thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are appreciated. Been tracking my Super Snake for almost 3 years and 10,000 miles. That's 10,000 after the 1st 10 as a GT 500. Let me give you the very short run down of issues. 1) Had the ring gear come loose running around Homestead, did not completely come apart, just changed gears and bearings. THANKYOU Mr. BUD!!! 2) Lost both front brake trim rings at Daytona. Thanks again Bud!! 3) Burned the wiring harness going over the back of the blower and the EGR Valve. This is due to max RPMS moved to 6700 from 6200 and running constant 6500rpms. I have Van's upgrader cooling system the one Shelby is selling now and has been using since the start. Other then Van's cooling system and 160' t-stat Roll Bar Race Seat 5 point harness Steeda upper and lower control arms Hoosier R6 275 front 295 rear Eibach up grade Vent window block off plates This is from a guy who really drives his car. 19,865 miles. BUT I have riden in a 5.0GT on Track!! WHAT A RIDE!!!! Retiring the Snake have a Silver Boss LS on order. Hope this Helps!!!!
  12. Check out this price for an allocation on the new Laguna Seca Boss. Some Dealers have come down to earth and given out a few good deals already. I for one was happy to pay 5 over sticker to get a LS. The other dealer in town gave my friend his for sticker. I know for a fact that only 1 out of 10 Boss mustangs will be a LS. So 11,000 over 3 years 1100 LSs. I'm glad to jump in now just to be sure to get one to drive around Daytona next year on a newly paved track. It don't get any better!!!!!! Oh need a Daytona Fix really bad. No track time this year due to the paving..
  13. Just a little heads up on the Gt 500s running the Texas Mile. Of the few that have gone over 200mph I think its 4 or 5, all broke their engines 1st then rebuilt another engine to get over 200mph. Van might know better but 200mph on a stock engine I don't think it can be done.... Trust me 3 years in a row and 192mph was all it had. The next 10mph would have been just to much for the engine. Good Luck Van out in Texas!!!!
  14. Has anyone disabled the top speed limiter and topped out their GT500? I would think that you would need a lot of road. And considering the it's aerodynamics, it would probably be scary. As a stock GT 500 you will see low to mid 160s this what they run in the Texas Mile. My 1st time there I ran 173 with a pulley, no cats, steeda air intake, 103 fuel, and a tune set on kill. Trust me if you can't get it done in a mile the next one won't go by any quicker. The 2nd time out as a STOCK Super Snake speed limiter off, just c16 fuel and a 2 7/8 pulley it went 186mph. Last Oct. I was there with Van a few more mods and the car went 192mph. You can check out my videos on you tube my site is (JASIT390). I ran over 2 miles and could still only get 170mph when it was a gt 500. Don't know the RWHP for any run but the 1st it was 535. The stock SS with no pulley made 636 RWHP. I guess it was over 700RWHP. And the 192 pass was low to mid 800s. Just remember SPEED KILLS!!!! But at 180 plus your really living!!!!! Oh the car is Rock Solid at Speed!! But the Snake hood is jumping around like a flag in a Hurricane at anything over 120MPH.
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