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  1. Oh and if this is the type of help one would get from the SHELBY TEAM Then u should sell your POS and move on. Most that I've met with shelbys are nice folks
  2. Troll? North meathead region Y'all are just angry up there It all started out to get an approx value for a car. And right away your snyd comments etc Now it turns into I'm a troll Go play with your mother some more
  3. No sir, it was purchased from the museum Was just trying to get a value for it , Not to compare it to all of the other better shelbys on this site. Just a value! I would have never guessed that car 16 Signed and auctioned off with 24 other new was not with shit based on you two. So I'll just go drive it into a wall and buy a camero I'm out
  4. Sold brand new at the Barrett Jackson auto auction along with 24 others. (google the vin) 1ZVHT82H175287760 The first 25 were sold so that all of the proceeds went to the Shelby Foundation. Car #1 sold for $600,600 and car #10 sold for $356,000. Scott'sdale auto museum purchased my Shelby, It is documented that it was taken out twice for Mr Shelby's 84th and 85th birthday to drive him around the race track. All Signatures on the car are all documented and have serial numbers for them. it also has all Original equipment down to the factory tires, Plus it has the owners Manuel and both sets of keys. Pics are on my page Thank you very much
  5. Bcbury


    2500 miles on it What is the value of this Shelby?
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