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  1. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out
  2. Yeah your right, guess I'll stick with Ford's oil for now.
  3. From the album: Living The Dream

    Was lucky one day out shopping and came across these at Marshalls. Can you believe finding Air Jordan's that actually match the colors of your car!! It's extremely rare to find them in Grabber Blue, lol. Looking forward to wearing these along with my new Team Shelby Pit Crew shirt I just picked up at the next car show and next Team Shelby meet and greet.
  4. iceman33

    Living The Dream

    photos of my ponies
  5. Were you able to get their GT500 50th anniversary pit crew shirt they had last year? They did an awesome job on that one too!
  6. Yeah I wanted to include pics but the Shelby Store said they have copy rights so I couldn't use the pic. So when I get the chance to wear mine I'll put the pics of me wearing it while posing with my Shelby GT500.
  7. I use the JLT 3.0 oil separator on my 2010 GT500 and it works great. I use Ford's Motor craft fully synthetic oil and it works great and I'm a daily driver. I have been thinking of using Royal Purple to see how that would work.
  8. Has anyone else gotten the chance to get the new 2018 Team Shelby Pit Crew Shirts? Got mine yesterday and wow! I was really surprised how good the shirt looked and how well it's made! Now I'm not sure if I want to wear it or put it in a frame. I was lucky to also get the Shelby GT500 50th Anniversary Pit Crew Shirt last year and I'm still getting lots of compliments on it. The Team Shelby Pit Crew shirt runs a $100 but if you can use your Shelby discount like I did then the Shelby Store will knock off $10, I used a $10 off gift card on mine. Don't passed up on this awesome shirt, you folks won't be disappointed... Go Team Shelby!!!!
  9. The pics didn't come through. But I can bet they look awesome!!
  10. Thanks, I agree. Met a few nice Shelby folks locally.
  11. Thanks for the invite, I'll be sure to check it out if I'm not working..
  12. Thanks, that sounds like fun, a convoy of Shelby's rolling down the highway!!
  13. Thanks for the heads up and I'll keep an eye out for the events
  14. Thanks, feels great to be part of an awesome club!!
  15. Its sad but true that the Ford dealerships will price gouge all of us loyal Shelby owners and mustang lovers. My local dealership's marked up their Shelby GT350 $20K and their GT350R $30k. Sorry as much as I like the 2 new GT350's I'm not forking out between $90 to a $100K for a 526 HP non supercharged mustang. My 2010 Shelby GT500 puts out well over 600 HP and handles like a dream. I sure as heck won't be the first in line to get the new 2019 Shelby GT500 when it comes out cause it'll be over a $100K. I can get a fully loaded 2013-14 Shelby Super Snake for that price. Only patience and time will tell.
  16. I live up near Sacramento so I'll keeps my eyes open on the invites, thanks
  17. Thanks for the warm welcome, I think I'm in CenCal, lol, since I live near Sacramento.
  18. I'm honored and proud to join this fine club and organization!!! Go Team Shelby!!!!
  19. Welcome to Team Shelby Pacific Coast Region, I'm a new member also.
  20. would love to get my hands on either one of these Shelby hats in white or black
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