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  1. Scam/Lying owner alert. Spread it so no one buys this mustang of lies. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE OWNER SAYS IT IS AND IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A ROUSH. Car ads- http://usedfromusa.com/ford-ads/128651-mustang-super-gt-871-hp.html https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/5953340961.html http://bangshift.com/bangshiftapex/bangshiftapex-online-find/75k-buys-you-the-fastest-2006-mustang-in-the-world-and-its-street-legal/ Real Car- http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/m5lp-0911-2006-mustang-gt/ http://mustangsdaily.com/blog/2010/12/01/featured-justin-brockmeyers-supercharged-2006-mustang-gt/ My videos/pic have more this is most though- http://imgur.com/a/Sdnmx https://youtu.be/QKRx0IXcjMo Ok so, some of you may have seen the other post. Figured I'd try, to sum up all of his lies, and what happened. As well as the truth about the car. As well as let all know so know one believes this major compulsive lier. Mechanical lies- 5.0L 302 Ford Roush prepared Saleen Supercharged Coyote Ford engine Titanium Cracked Powder metal with floating wristpins Forged Steel Roush Crank Jesel Solid Body Hydraulic rollers Ferrea Titanium Valves Dual 80mm Roush/Gt500/whatever throttle body 120mm Lighting Intake Custom Roush prepared Saleen Series VI Super Charger etc etc etc Other lies- Fake dyno claims 870+hp/740 Torque Claims ac disconnected so it doesn't blow up, wrong it's broke (At least the blower) Claims he personally know Jack Roush, and a bunch of really rich people and the car was built custom by Jack Roush for him. Many many other lies about the cars history Other Red Flags- Title is not in his name Title pre signed by other person, bottom signatures do not match curves, pressure, etc of original Car has obviously sat for years Car shows signs of rust Discovered rat poop etc TRUTH- This car was originally bought by Justin Brockmeyer who modded it and it was featured in a few articles around. As posted above. I ran the VIN through car fax, car is clean. Justin put 38,287 miles on it after buying new and sold it in 2010 Unknown 2nd owner owned 9 months, put 6295 miles on it Sold at auction to current owner Dave Bought with 44341 miles on it, current less than 45000 miles on it Dave has had it over 4.5 years I have more proof but I dont want to post the copy of the title he gave me to give to my bank, or the carfax. Actual mods are as listed in the 2 articles of Justin's mustang, barely been changed Only things changed since article has been the bumper, exhaust tips, engine strut bar, paint/vinyl/stickers, and I think that is it. Also owner is stubborn, after confronting with proof he continued to lie. He is also dead set on 20k for the car period.
  2. Well i would prefer to know if that is even a thing for future reference always good to know things like that
  3. Yeah, didn't think so Not buying, ran after I tracked this down. He is just a few minute drive from me so I am just going to go talk to him again and teach him about lying. Too bad he let this car go to waste by lying about it, letting it sit, and whatever else Because the specs would be decent otherwise, although not 20k worth. Car has about $39k into the confirmed mods from the previous owner who knew what he was doing and went to a reputable shop (Racers Edge Tuning). Just new parts cost alone not labor, tuning, etc.
  4. Basically scamming, and yeah it is. I think basically what's happened here is the new guy bought the mustang from the previous owner in 2014 when it had close to 40k odo for I'm not sure how much. He has barely driven it, I know it has been sitting for quite awhile and most the time he has had it. He made up stories to go with the signatures and makes the car out to be a car it isn't and takes it to car shows to feed his massive ego. Now after a few years, he is "retiring" it because he is too old and stopped racing it in 2014 (the year he bought it, he never raced it, just has a big ego). And now he is trying to sell it and recoup maybe all the money he has into it since he bought it from the first owner. Nothing except the painted accents have been done by the new owner, and according to records and what I could find on the car and it's original owner Justin, he has only put about 3k miles on it in 3 years. Also he claims the AC is disconnected due since if it was connected the compressor would blow from engine rpm. Now I am almost certain the AC comp is out and he doesn't want to fix it. Any input on that? Never heard of a AC comp needing to be disconnected due to racing or not being able to handle high rpm. (well at least off, he says he disconnected it so he cant forget and blow it)
  5. At this point im not buying it really. Unless its like 4k, but that I doubt would happen. Just mainly going to put him in his place and teach him a lesson about lying.
  6. Hearing that, screw it, if I cant get it for 4k im out and i doubt that
  7. Definitely Changes a lot Im going back down again probably on Friday and I am going to confront him about it. I think he thought he could buy the car from Justin Brockmeyer, who im trying to contact, and sell it for more if he made up stories to go with the signatures.| The car has only had 18k miles put on it in in 7 years since the post is 2010 with 27k odo. Looks like all Dave has done to it is change at least the rear bumper and exhaust tips, get it painted with vinyl and stickers, and that's about it And im betting Justin did that before he sold it, well maybe everything but the paint. Hopefully I can contact Justin. Ill confront Dave, and have the car gone through even more carefully. I am not paying more than 7k tops for it.
  8. HUGE DISCOVERY- While researching the car even more thoroughly I found he isn't the original owner and it brings everything into to question. THIS IS THE SAME CAR IN THIS POST http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/m5lp-0911-2006-mustang-gt/ Owned by Justin Brockmeyer If anyone has any info on the car or original owner or any other input let me know!
  9. I am listening, I just need proof and reasoning. I know I could get a stock low mile car, but it would be about the same price. Im seeing 9k to 30k for other 06's under 50k miles, and a gt500 would be more. Why does it have money pit written all over it? Parts are good parts and seem to be in good condition? And rebuilds are not really bad thing right? Why does it scream problems?
  10. Because I like to have nice cars and enjoy modifying them. I may turn it into a show car in the future and repaint it, and make everything pristine. And I am probably going to start to do weekend racing/track days for fun, although I wouldn't push cars to dangerous levels. And I have a class I'm taking next year for exactly that. I don't race at the moment, but I am interested in doing it in the future. What puzzles me are the people who buy cars like this, or a gt500 and then keep it as a garage/trailer queen and rarely ever race or do anything with them.
  11. Yeah, definitely did suffer from heat at some point. Yeah probably not, wont be too hard of a fix though, but everything adds to negotiating points for me. About 30 minutes North of Austin, TX. Basically Copperas Cove, TX.
  12. Yeah, seems like it. He doesn't, but yeah with guys like that they dont care. Yep, ill be putting a OEM wheel back on it with airbag. I think the cats are gone as well, didn't see any besides pre-cat's, but that isnt a issue in TX. My 4runner has had no cat for 5 years without issues. Yeah hopefully, it works out well If anything ill part out stuff I don't want and return it close to a stock Saleen or something. After I get the steering wheel (He thinks he has it, if not it'll be a negotiating point for me) Retune it for high pump gas Back off the boost Etc I think itll be a great car, especially for someone like me who doesn't drive hard or race at all.
  13. Yeah, I have He retired it to a show car in 2014 and has been trying to sell it since. 3500k miles since last rebuild all to the shows.
  14. I did, but that is a gauge pod. Nothing really mechanically problematic. More concerned about the actually car
  15. It actually isn't too loud, the video didn't catch the audio all too well. Way more quiet than all the freaking ricers around where I live. More than tolerable levels if you don't drive it stupidly. Only if I was racing, itll be a semi daily with very soft miles being put on it. Shouldn't need a rebuild right around the corner after I retune it and etc.
  16. Yeah, it was ridden hard, but still seems solid. It'll be a semi-daily driver at most. Much better daily driver for less?? Not paying 20k, definitely less.
  17. Well, he does have all the paperwork. Every single receipt, had a huge folder full when I went yesterday. Getting copies of them all to look thoroughly through them and also check for fakes. It has been rebuilt because it was used for track days, drag, and standing miles and the owner has the money to throw away. You're right the engine isn't a 5.0 yote. The owner doesn't know everything in it really, he just a really rich guy with a massive ego and the money back it. Ill have to look at receipts and talk to my mechanic to determine current parts. I did test drive it myself and also did a short ride along up the street for video footage in the other reply. Car seems to be very solid, after the 10-minute test drive. Why do you think is falling apart? Something I missed?? Anything you can think of let me know, because I will check it myself since I am still on the fence and things are still in question.
  18. At the moment we have made a deal, and the car will be my toy soon. With conditions that is Basically, everything has to check out and pass my 3-page check list on it I compiled based on everyone's post and my mechanic
  19. Video- Running, short ride, overview of mostly everything https://youtu.be/QKRx0IXcjMo Pics- http://imgur.com/a/Sdnmx
  20. Video and pics uploading now. Seems pretty believable now, and it looks like it's my new toy next month. He exaggerated the HP more than a bit due to his ego. Only looking at the max peak HP and Torque. I'm going to contact Roush and talk to them about it as well. The guy has the money to back it. Been rebuilt 5 times with all the paperwork. Last rebuild 3500~4000 miles ago. He has receipts for every single thing done. Gonna take a whole day to go through everything. No doubt about it though, it is a badass ride. Going to try to ID every single part currently in it and get that straighten out as well. I am going to have it re-tuned and backed down everything to make it a semi/daily driver that is a cool ride for car meets/shows.
  21. Alright, so I am stitching the footage from today together and ill have it and the pictures up tomorrow. Have work fro the rest of today.
  22. I agree Ill find out what's going on Saturday and post back here
  23. Yeah, im guessing it is actually around 600HP tops. Depending on what the injectors and parts actually are. 39/45/89 lb injectors are very different.
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