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  1. Griot's has multiple high quality products for leather.
  2. I don't believe Drake sells retail. Would need to find one at one of their distributors.
  3. Rare as hens teeth, but I like my FR Touring by Borla. A tad more civilized then my FR500s. Doesn't hurt that I have Boss side outlets with a Shelby H-pipe too, though.
  4. Don't ever let the truth get in the way of a tantalizing ad line...
  5. I experienced alternator failure at 49k miles, swapped it out for a rebuilt from Advance Auto, no joy. Removed and took it back, they tested it, it failed. I fought for a refund, got it and purchased a rebuilt from Bennett, no problems since. So, $#it happens. If I ever need to purchase another I will have them test the unit prior, to avoid the double PITA of install on all my vehicles.
  6. Had mine replaced last Friday. I'm under the impression they are becoming available in the southern states first, I live in Florida. I had called a local dealer 2-3 months ago and got on the list, they called two weeks ago and we set an appointment. I was at the dealer no more than a half an hour.
  7. Amen, I put that style for the '07-'09 on my GT500
  8. Not mine. $30k w/9 hours left. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2008-ford-shelby-gt500kr/
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