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  1. What do y'all think about this one http://www.neautogallery.com/detail-2009-ford-mustang-shelby_gt500-used-16108193.html
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. I am definitely going to take my time looking. Only thing that is pretty difficult for me is my location here in GB wi
  3. Thanks for the suggestions all! When I find one I am pretty interested in I'll post up links
  4. Ok I will definitely check out those other sites.. as far as choices it's going to be a gt500 I currently have a 2011 mustang gt
  5. Oh, and what is the difference between a Shelby gt and Shelby gt500
  6. Is there a certain place I should be looking for Shelby listings?
  7. Thanks for the replies!! Looking in the 07-09 range then, are there any certain models that are better/easier to mod or come pretty well rounded? I apologize if I have very open ended questions
  8. Hi there, as the topic suggests I am looking for a Shelby gt500, but would like some input from some enthusiasts. Currently was looking at 2011 gt500s but after some searching online I wasn't sure what would be best suited for me. I am on a low budget for a Shelby I know, so looking for something around 32K-35k Any suggestions would be helpful weathers it's telling to wait and save some more or older models that are decent. Thanks!!
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