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  1. Thank you for replying ITHERTZ66. Nope. My car is stock. I have done nothing to it yet. It has 3800 miles on it. It is a baby. Well, this worries me since it is in stock trim and getting this issue. I'm wondering if the fly-by-wire technology just can't handle the necessary quick deltas when carving turns. If so, that was really lame of Ford and how did that pass their tests?..... Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Sir Norton, So after all this time, is it worth doing the upgrades, nav and sync? I really don't use it much other than for NAV and Bluetooth connectivity to iphone for music. I'm also interested in installing a back up camera. What would be your suggestion on this? Thanks.
  3. I also love this commercial. I remember the first time I saw it.
  4. Hi, My CEL is NOT illuminated. I was driving in a remote area carving some simple turns at around 30-45 MPH in second gear. As I was reaching the apex of a turn, I was slowly getting on the gas. Then it happened. It felt like the transmission jumped out of gear. But it didn't. The wrench was displayed, and the car had no power. I was far from home, so I thought I was screwed. I slowly pulled off to the side of the road. My daughter just said just turn off the car and start it again. Thinking I knew cars, I thought to myself that there is no way that is working. But, I didn't have a choice. I turned off the car. With cell phone in hand about to call AAA, I paused two seconds and started the car right up with no CEL and no wrench. I was stunned. I drove slowly for a while expecting the problem to show up again. It didn't. I then decided to get back to driving to make it happen again. It didn't. HUH? Again, the CEL and wrench lights are NOT illuminated. I then used my scan tool to pull codes. I had the following code in history, NOT in pending codes and NOT in current codes: P2138 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D/E Voltage Correlation Unfortunately, the online manual I use don't really discuss this error. I'm about to back-probe the dual TPSs to ensure they have no issues. Has anyone had this issue? Looking at other posts on the internet, others have experienced this as well, but none of them really told me the issue. They usually just took it in and then end of post. Others say they installed another throttle and got a re-map; parts changing (no likey). And, others say just get a re-map; for me this fix makes no sense since this is a hard error not a mapping error (right?). Does anyone know the diagnostic procedure for looking into this? Or what resource do you suggest I use to look into this? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm entering two posts that are sort of related I think. I was hoping people would tell me their experience to know if I have an issue. I'm fairly experienced with Auto Diagnostics, but I don't know the normal behavior for a GT500. Here are the parameters to my question: the CEL is NOT illuminated Sitting at idle Car warmed up in closed loop I snap the throttle I sometimes get a slight small back-fire When this happens, in mode 6, "Misfires for Current Cycle", on differing cylinders, increments its Value parameter Yet, misfires in the "last 10 drive cycles and manufacture specific test" has value of 0 and result set as passed I've attached one such Scanner screen capture I unfortunately have not had a chance to view STFT and LTFT At idle, I cannot feel or hear a misfire. This only occurs on a snap. The car does not hesitate when accelerating normal or hammering it. It feels strong; you know like a Cobra should. So, if you don't know anything of what I just said, you can still help me. When your car is warm at idle, snap the throttle, does your Cobra slightly back-fire? Thanks
  6. redrocket1985 - what was the source and solution to this ticking sound. Thanks,
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