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  1. Had to redo a few mistakes last mechanic made. Now she’s finally back home again.
  2. Yes, I agree. I added Eibach springs to lower her. Mechanic cutting a coil out of front springs now. I removed mufflers too but she’s still not as loud as I want maybe I give her headers too.
  3. Santa dropped off a few goodies early for my 69 Shelby . The Nardi wheel is Lester wrapped instead of wood on the 427 Cobra. She got a pair to grabber blue front BAER brakes to slow better and the white Halibrands like on the Cobra Daytona Coupe. How do i upload more pics? Site not letting me.
  4. Is it possible there’s an electric contact in there that’s not making a good contact ?
  5. The 1969 steering column that snaps to the side the you have to snap it back in to start engine is really annoying. Do all 69 Mustangs have this system? Is there a solid column I can install instead or lock this one in place ? Thanks.
  6. signed up. See you Sat night at the banquet. I’ll be the guy with 5 smoking hot Bubbles around me 😎
  7. Is it possible for me to rent a Shelby race car for the track ? ill bring my 1969 GT350 & the Bubbles
  8. Are we going on the track? Any idea which track layout we’re using? what other events going on ?
  9. Thanks, will check the #. I made sure it was documented before I bought it. Is there a way to lower it a little? she rides a bit high.
  10. She’s GORGEOUS!!!! is the REALLY long clutch travel normal? who sells a good modern AC? how do you wear the seat belt that’s mounted on the roof ? LOL
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