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  1. For some amazingly detailed artwork check out this talented artst. He has done work for Mr. Shelby, SAAC, Bryan Fuller, and more. His web site is www.artracer.com. See what he can do on a face of a watch! It is amazing! For those who are on Facebook, his page is "Lawrence Gardinier 2" Sorry, I got the last of the "Return of the GT500" prints... Example:
  2. I'll be there Jan 21-24th. It'll be my first visit so I'm looking forward to it. :happy feet:
  3. Well, I finally got the Shelby to the dealer. Apparently the hydrolic control unit went bad. Bottom line is that it was fully covered under warranty and is as good as new. I asked the technician what went wrong but he said it wasn't clear. Glad to have her 100% again, just in time to put her up for the winter...
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys! It's possible I could've missed a small leak on one of the wheels, but the resevoir is completely full. I have not touched this part of the car since I got it new. Would a small leak or blockage on one wheel cause the whole system to fail? I guess I would expect the brakes on that wheel to fail but not the entire system. I'm thinking there is air in the system or the power module is bad. On a related note, when the car is off and I pump the brakes, it is soft for 2-3 pumps then rock hard. When the car is on and I pump the brakes there is no increase in pressure. It seems to take to the very end of the stroke before the brakes engage. It doesn't matter if you pump it 5+ times in a row, it still never engages until the very end. Looks like a trip to the dealership is in order... In this age and on these cars, do we really need to worry about using the brakes aggresively? Are you kidding me that the materials used today can't withstand one hard stop? Christ, there are people taking these cars out on tracks. They put 14" Brembos on these then use sub-par brake lines? There should be no excuse for a system to fail under one hard stop!
  5. My brakes seem quite soft recently. I don't track my car, it basically gets out on the weekends and nice days to work. I have 6100miles on the odometer. 2 weeks ago I had to stop fast due to some idiot pulling out in front of me in a parking lot. I was maybe going 10MPH, but stopped on a dime. Since then it feels like I have to put my foot all the way to the floor to even feel that the car is slowing. I checked the resevoir and it is full (a tiny bit of brake fluid on the top of the resevoir). I checked the rotors and don't see any signs of a brake fluid leak either. After a recent drive, I pulled into my garage and touched the rotors. The front discs were hot and the back were cool. Anybody have any clue? Do I have air in the line? If so, how did that happen? Are the back calipers not working? Any help would be appreciated. I like to be informed before I take it into the dealer.
  6. Okay, maybe I'm dense... help me interpret these results. In round 2, doesn't Nelson win? Why does Paul advance? Kudos to both for representing the Shelby and doing a damn good job at it!!
  7. I hope it's this-- Shelby GR-1... I would sell both my cars immediately...
  8. Got one at my local store. I also was able to get the slot car kit too. Check it out below.
  9. Can't argue with you! The road was straight with no cars/pedestrians ahead. Believe me if there were either I wouldn't or would shut it down. Also, I only took it to 3rd-- I would not go balls-to-the-wall beyond on the street. But your right it is still immature..
  10. Yeah, that looks mean! However, I have a lot of respect for an 86-87 Buick GN(X) or Montecarlo SS.
  11. I think its from too many visions of themselves as Dale Jr...
  12. Sweet! I'll be stopping by my local shop tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. We finally have a spell here where the roads were clear of salt from the recent rains and the temps were about 50 degrees. I got the Shelby out yesterday and was cruising down a 3 lane road where there was little traffic. I see in the mirror a black Impala coming up quickly behind me and he passes, but the light ahead was red. It was a SS model which I know is the top end for the model, but didn't know exactly what it was packing. It was a recent model probably ~'07-09. Anyway, the light turned green and he floored it. He swerved agressively around the only other car on the road ahead but still caught the next red light. I casually pulled up beside again and he's revving the sh$t out of his car and inching it forward in anticipation of the green. Three clear lanes ahead and one car behind us and I thought what the hell-- I'll bite. The light turns green and I launch at 3500K feathering the clutch to not spin the tires and I take it to 6K rpm in 1st and 2nd then wrap up the slaughter through most of 3rd. Compared to his exhaust, mine sounded like God himself was clearing his throat. Well, it just wasn't pretty for him at all. At least 10 lengths ahead and I just start coasting. He never pulled up even with me again even when I dropped to 5mph under the limit. We went another 2 miles with him 2 cars behind, then he turned. Guess he thought he had more...
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