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  1. Hmmm... that seems odd. Hopefully you find something out soon. It looks so much better than the previous warped one.
  2. I received my scoop within 10 days of talking to Shelby about the new one. He did say I was one of the first ones getting the Gen3 style of hood scoops. This was about 4 months ago.
  3. I just installed the new, generation three (I believe) hood scoop when I got my stripes painted on. I had to call Ford's SVT division that deals directly with Shelby to verify my car. I gave them my VIN# as well as several pictures of the gen one scoop that was deformed. From there, they sent the verification and order details over to Shelby and said to call them after a few days to pay for it. I called Shelby several days after, and unfortunately they did not receive any verification from Ford. I am not sure if it got lost in emails or what, but thankfully had great customer service and (terrible I can't remember his name) he was able to push the verification through on the phone with me. Come to find out as we were talking, he said he actually did a lot of building on my car when it was being built in Vegas. At that time, he said it could take up to a month for them to produce the scoop and ship it out. I actually received the new scoop in less than ten days from the phone call. The scoop turned out great. The difference I know they did from gen two to gen three, is there is 29 rivets instead of 25. There could be other changes but I am not sure what they are. Only complaint I have, is that the directions say a template is included to get the exact distance where the scoop is supposed to be located relative to the back of the hood as well as being centered. The guy that painted my car missed the measurement by about an inch, so it isn't exactly factory but it is difficult to notice anyway. I also only received 25 rivets instead of 29, but Shelby gladly sent me four new ones. Jeremy at Shelby told me the shipping department wasn't aware the new scoop had 29 rivets instead of 25 . All good now though!
  4. Absolutely love your F type R! I sat in one just like yours at the Chicago Auto Show. One of my best friends has an '08 XK that I have enjoyed driving, made me love this car even more. Have fun in that and hope things work out for you for the new C8
  5. I am still always "observing" as well. Always on the hunt for the rare items for our cars. I wish Shelby would reproduce some of the items that most of us I think are looking for...engine caps, emblems, interior parts, etc. I do like how it does make our addiction to these cars that much more rare though as these parts are not seen on every Mustang at your local cruise in or show.
  6. SAI-Steven That is really well put! I am sure just like all the other SGT owners, I continually get asked by people if it is an actual Shelby vehicle being that it isn't a 500. More of a Shelby than an GT500 as we all know! It is one of the main reasons I was seeking a SGT in the first place. Definitely agree that you are getting more of a car from a boosted SGT than you are from a stock GT500. Not even close. Really cool to see what little marketing there was though for these cars.
  7. Following this topic. I have a set coming in this week and planning on doing the install this weekend or early next week. MyBlueHeaven, if I run into the same issue would you mind helping me out as well? Ha
  8. Cool, thanks for the input guys. I will check into it!
  9. Hey guys, I am having some misreading's on my oil gauge. I have the Shelby GT/Super Snake gauge pod set and it has been installed since last September. I haven't had any issues with it previously but in the last week the gauge only seems to be working if RPMs are over 1500. There are no death knocking sounds that are happening or other weird behavior when the gauge is showing 0psi under 1500rpm, so I am sure the car is running fine it is just the gauge. I am going to try to fiddle with it again this afternoon but was just wondering if any other owners have had this issue and know what the fix is. I am assuming it is something small, just not sure what to look for. Thanks in advance!
  10. Wish I could see your SGT in person one day. Looks good! Do you have any pics of the rear?
  11. I have heard there was two different filters put on our SGT's, a blue one and a reddish-orange one. One of them it supposed to be oiled (blue), the other not. Does anyone know any truth to that? I just remember Googling it a while back and had came across that but I installed a new intake and filter with the supercharger install so didn't end up cleaning the old filter.
  12. I definitely do this quite often during the cold months! It is our form of superior artwork.
  13. Thanks for all the advice and input so far! This only seems to happen when not in gear. I will try the additive as the first step. The Whipple install was done by Brenspeed, I am sure some of you guys on here have heard of the shop. They are not a "Shelby" shop but a very reputable Mustang speed shop. They did a fantastic job in my opinion and I had a very good experience with them. I do have GT500 dual pumps installed as well as new fuel rails, injectors, etc. and Brenspeed also did the tune and I have a tuner from them. I put my summer wheels back on last night that are wrapped in semi-fresh Nitto INVOs and everything seemed normal as far as traction/RPMs goes when making a few rolling pulls, like I said it seems to be only when not in gear. But my thoughts are, if it happens when not in gear it likely has to be happening on occasion when in gear it just might be harder to notice at that power level. Inclement weather for me for the next several days so won't get a chance to run the additive and see if it helps.
  14. I will definitely give that a try to see if that works. However, the first time this happened was back in October when I was still driving it regularly and getting fresh gas in it. Doesn't happen all the time either, have just noticed it on occasion. I'll drain this gas down and fill her back up and see what happens.
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