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  1. on 25 April, heading west on Hwy 20 was passed by 4 350's heading east midday - some event that weekend? (driveway at Nevada City apartment has dried out enough that I took the Shelby last week)
  2. Thanks Jim! Count Gayle and I as well! Anyone on the central coast / Monterrey Bay a group of us will be meeting at Casa DeFruta Friday - staying at Delta King Friday night - details to follow
  3. "New plates - lifelong video engineer (of course, they came after the the last day of "NAB" -The (Increasingly misnamed "National Broadcasters Convention" convention
  4. Indeed! Could not have wished for better weather last year, after the lunch the top went down and drove to Santa Cruz - the next day we did "17 Mile Drive" with the top down again and had 80F in the pygmy forest !
  5. For anyone wanting to meet up from the South Bay and central coast for a Friday run to Old Town we're meeting near the Casa de Fruta Chevron Station at 10:00 AM Friday - it's 150 miles from there, some of us are staying on The Delta King (Thanks Brad!) and having lunch at Fanny Ann's - Please let Brad (Elkhorn) or I know if you're joining us.
  6. Thanks Jim, But Brad (Elkhorn) takes credit - all I did was pass it along to the group There is also http://www.fannyannsaloon.com/ for the more casual crowd See you!
  7. If anyone is interested several of us are meeting at Casa de Fruta Friday at 10:00am for the run to Old Town
  8. Gayle and I are looking forward to it! (bringing chairs this time!) 2012 GT500 convertible Thanks for the tip about the Delta Queen Elkhorn - the Embassy Suites was a disappointment last year
  9. Humm, in that case guess I'll need the upgraded Supercharger as well as the brakes ...
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