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  1. If you or another Team Shelby member Lives Near Road Atlanta, we will be there in October racing with HSR. Please join us.
  2. Road Atlanta and Daytona, both with HSR. 1965 GT350 Tribute.
  3. If you're in the area and would like to be my guest for the weekend, let me know ! Steven
  4. I'll race at HSR's huge event in northern Georgia in late April. Details at http://hsrrace.com/2019-events-page/2019-the-mitty/ My 1965 tribute/clone did well last year winning their Sasco Sports Int’l/American Challenge against a large field of Porsche, Jaguar, Camaro, and Corvette.
  5. Historic Sportscar Racing at Road Atlanta, last weekend Anyone else racing an early GT350? Steven Orlando, FL
  6. There's a popular performance driving group here in FL called PDG - Performance Driving Group. Their next event is at Sebring, June 17. http://performancedrivinggroup.com/product/june-17th-2018-sebring-international-raceway/ This is a good way to get introduced to driving on a race track. I race a 1965 GT350R clone with SCCA, HSR, and SVRA. I'm an instructor for PDG. Sebring is the closest dedicated racetrack to Tampa.
  7. There are several GT350 Shelbys entered including mine. We just had the toploader rebuilt after experiencing a catastrophic failure at Daytona 2 weeks ago. I think that the extreme banking caused or at least helped it to fail. Maybe we should overfill the gearbox for high-bank events. Second gear was 'welded' to the shaft. Anyone in the Central Florida area is welcome to come by. I'll find some space on my overcrew list or someone else's crew list to allow them entry. Steven
  8. There will be two of us racing this weekend on the historic Sebring Racetrack. Although we'll only be using a portion of the famed circuit, it should be a grand, and wet. weekend here in Central Florida. Let's hope it's just my attached photo that ends upside down. How do I rotate it?
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