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  1. Finally done. So happy. Pictures in the gallery.
  2. Early build photos for my Shelby terlingua
  3. Getting close. A couple more weeks and my Terlingua will be done. New pictures in the gallery .
  4. As we are all aware Shelby International Inc. does not provide delivery numbers until the termination of the respective build. However, I was at Shelby earlier this week and the current run of Super Snakes is getting a tremendous boost in deliveries. 125 new Super Snakes will be made available at retail Ford dealerships around the country. There is a massive push to get these completed and out to the dealerships (thus delaying my Terlingua build #11). The first deliveries should be arriving in showrooms in the next few weeks. I do not know which dealers around the country will be receiving these but the sticker price according to a resource will be $101,000. I have no doubt the dealers will be adding a premium to the sticker. Similar to what some dealers have been adding to the GT350's. The limited run of 300 Super Snakes will not change due to these earmarked retail vehicles, there will still only be 300, however; this business model and delivery should bolster a the recent weak financials that Shelby has been suffering through for the last several years. In my opinion I am in favor of reestablishing Shelby as the preeminent upgrader of Mustang and other Ford product lines with hopes that with a better financial outlook the management will promote and develop the racing franchise of Shelby once again. Shelby's racing heritage is, once again in my opinion, the best way to promote and drive sales and prolongation of these amazing vehicles. I would love to know what other Shelby enthusiasts think about expanding the retail availability of limited run Shelby models.
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