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  1. Hey guys, My passenger side power window is acting crazy. It only moves up or down a couple of inches, each time I push the switch. Regardless if i hold the switch or not, it just increments up and down. I tried disconnecting the power, but nothing has helped. I tried the procedure for calibrating them, by holding the switch 2 seconds at full up and full down. Any idea whats going on with it?Thanks,Mach
  2. I did receive the covers. but they are not the right covers. They fit the standard mustang and probably the shelby GT, but not the gt500. I will be returning these. Sorry guys.
  3. Hey guys, i love my stock GT500, but the exhaust is just too tame. I dont want anything that drones or is too loud. Also, I dont have a shop or any accesss to torches or welders, so something bolt_up, would be great! I want to keep the factory looking exhaust tips and basically, keep the car looking factory. I love the car, but it needs to sound more menacing I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have. Thanks, Mach
  4. I found a set last night and ordered them. Ventshade part # 37412. It claims to be a direct fit for gt500. I ordered mine thru a place called "AUTOPARTS warehouse." These are smoked acrylic. Cost is 71.86 per pair. I just plan on using mine at car shows. I spent hours and hours online, to find these. Mine should be here in a few days! Hope this helps you guys out
  5. No luck finding removeable headlight covers for 2008 GT500?
  6. Awesome Thanks! I assumed they would, but didn't know if going to the larger 19 or 20" wheels would be a problem on my 08.
  7. Hey guyz, maybe this is covered elsewhere, but i couldn't find it listed in the GT500 forums? How about a list of (2010-2014) wheels that will fit the 2007 2008 GT500 models, without any mods? Thanks, Mach
  8. I completed mine and i think the center location is a superior placement. Plus, popping the hood latch, with the pins installed won't damage the hood. I used some of the parts from the shelby kit, but added some parts from my local hardware to make my hood pins more secure. I cant figure out how to upload a pic to this site?
  9. I have sent 2 request to AMR as well, no replies, either. I was wanting something in a 19" or 20" wheel, just like the 427 wheels. Seems they arent interested in my business? Mach
  10. Yes, i am looking for the Halibrand wheels in the argent / gray
  11. Hey guys, I am trying to locate some removable headlight covers for car shows and events, that fit my 08 GT-500. Nothing that uses adhesive, because I will need to remove them for driving at night. Thanks, Shelby Bro's
  12. I elected to go with using the 2 center bumper location, rather than the bumpers located on the side of the hood. I think these will keep the hood from damage, if its released with the pins in place. Plus, it actually looks better on the car. I have seen pictures, where others have done the same. Now my only problem is the hood pins are now about an inch too short. I am desperate for a couple of 1/2"-20 stainless hood pins that are 5 or 6" in length, instead of the factory 4" post. Any help would be greatly appreciated...fellows
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